Bhopal: 3 Engineering Students Drowned In Ghoda Pachad Dam…!!🏊😓

In a sad incident, three engineering students of Laxmi Narayan College of Technology (LNCT) drowned at Ghoda Pachad dam near BHEL area under Bilkhiriya police station on Monday afternoon.

Bodies of two students Sonu Kumar (17) and Piyush Ranjan (18) of Bihar fished out, while the search is on for the remaining one, Ankit Sharma (17).

The third one is still missing..!!

engineering students drowned in Bhopal

The third student was the inhabitant of Nagda town in Madhya Pradesh and pursuing civil engineering.

Out of the three deceased, two BE students of them are from Bihar and other was from Nagda in Ujjain.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-8

All three students were 1st-year students of different streams in LNCT College…..!!

Sonu Kumar was the student of electronic engineering who was the resident of Begusarai and Piyush Ranjan was a computer science a student who was the resident of Patna in Bihar.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-1

While Ankit was the student of civil engineering. 

The 3 deceased knew swimming…!!

The three students were among 8 students, who had gone for taking a bath in the Ghoda Pachad dam after their mid-semester exams were over at around 10.30 am.

According to the college sources, after the students gave examinations all of them had to wait for some time and take the college bus.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-4

Around 8 students didn’t take the college bus and went for swimming in the dam near the college.

After spotting the identity cards of the students, natives called up the police and college administration. Around 2.15 pm, rescue operation started and around 4.45 pm two bodies were fished out.

The deceased had gone to take bath with 5 of their friends….!!

On Monday around 2 pm, all the three had gone to Ghodapachad dam. After reaching the dam, all of them entered into the water to take bath and came out.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-7

All the eight students were sitting on the banks of the river when Piyush and Sonu again went inside the water to take bath. While taking bath, both went deep into the water and started drowning.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-5

When Ankit Sharma saw Sonu Kumar and Piyush drowning, he tried to rescue the two but was failed and he himself started to sink.

Mrityunjay jumped into the water to save all the three..!

At this point, another student out of the five students, Mrityunjay who were sitting near at the bank immediately rushed to get save him, but he too failed in an attempt to save Ankit.

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-6

It was too late as all the three were already drowned. 

The police added:

engineering students drowned in Bhopal-3

The police soon reached the spot with a rescue team. 

Additional superintendent of police (zone-2), Hitesh Choudhary said:

“Investigations are on in the incident”. 



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Bhopal: 3 Engineering Students Drowned In Ghoda Pachad Dam…!!🏊😓

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