This Cancer-Fighting Girl “Dream Wedding Pictures” Will Surely Melt Your Heart…!!💒💑

A Cancer fighting five-year-old Eileidh Paterson from Scotland had a “dream wedding” after a touching ceremony with her six-year-old best friend Harrison Grier.

Brave Eileidh who has the childhood cancer called “Neuroblastoma”, was joined by numerous well-wishers as she ‘married’ his best friend in a fairy tale-themed bash over the weekend.

There are marriages that revive your faith in love and make you fall in love once again.

Eileidh Paterson-4

Faith that can’t be seen but felt with heart and that will make you live happily even when God hasn’t been kind to you.

Eileidh Paterson

But the God certainly blessed her with such an amazing parents and who has recently made her last wish come true!!!

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a “rare cancer” of the nervous system that mostly affects young children and babies under the age of five.

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Eileidh Paterson heart-touching ceremony took place at the Aberdeen conference centre where the adorable little terminally ill girl ticked her ‘Dream Wedding’ off the bucket list.

Eileidh Paterson-1

Harrison Grier’s father Billy Grier (31) said:

“Harrison Grier had never been to a wedding before, so this was all quite new to him. But it was a stunning ceremony and he enjoyed every last minute. He was so much excited to do it. Ever since he met Eileidh Paterson, they have been inseparable. I think he knew what was going on. He surely knew how essential it was to her and wanted to do whatever he could for her.”

Eileidh Paterson-5

As you can see, the “beautiful little bride” wore a white and pink dress while the groom Harrison Grier looked dapper in a traditional Scottish dress. 

Eileidh Paterson-2

Their “Fairy Godmother” then officially announced the two “BFF’S (best friends forever)” in a room full of princesses and superheroes.

Eileidh Paterson-6

That’s not the end. Eileidh Paterson was walked into the room by her older brother Callum.

Eileidh Paterson-7

Even a version of her life story was read out by the fairy Godmother, which in fact was penned down by Gail Paterson who is Eileidh’s mother.

Gail Paterson described her beautiful daughter as “a princess who would stop at nothing to survive” while documenting her fight against the deadly disease.

Eileidh Paterson-9

Eileidh is a “BORN-FIGHTER”. Isn’t it?



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This Cancer-Fighting Girl “Dream Wedding Pictures” Will Surely Melt Your Heart…!!💒💑

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