18 Shocking Things about Dubai Every First Time Traveler Should Know

Dubai city is a country known for its showy skyscrapers and traffic jam on the big city streets. You can say that this city is small on the culture and huge on its bling. So, let’s check out the things which shock the first-time visitors.

1. Food is Affordable and Tasty

Due to the significant immigrant population including a big flock of people from India, Bangladesh, Iran Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan, Dubai offers fantastic food. You need to roam the streets of Deira (city’s old and low-cost neighborhoods). Here you will find the yummy treats from across the world for only a few Dirhams.

2. Somewhere It Is Expensive Too

Besides fine-dining, You will find a lot of famous chefs from worldwide setting up outposts in the resorts and hotels to enjoy meals by the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes, and Sanjeev Kapoor. But all this will be worth the expenditure.

3. There Are Not Many Local People

This fact might shock the first time, visitors. Yes but it’s entirely accurate. You will not find local Emirati much as only 11% of the population is Emirati. The local culture is an altogether private one, meaning that for a lot of visitors the only Emirati they will meet will be the one who stamps their passport at the airport. Those persons who are interested in more about the culture should call to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for ‘Cultural Understanding.’

4. You are Not Allowed to Drink a Lot

Yes, there are specific laws against the public drunkenness, alcohol is quite a high cost, and you need to over 21 to drink it. It gets served in the bars like to the clubs and hotels, but that does not mean that no one drinks it. And if the traveler wants to have a dry holiday all very shocked to find the happy hour drinks rates, champagne brunches, and an expat culture of party-friendly drinking.

5. The Weekend Starts On Friday With Brunch

This Islamic country has weekends on Fridays and Saturdays. Among the Dubai, outsiders align with a lot of short-term visitors, the weekend starts with a brunch. And they are not light snacks but the big feasts. Plenty of hotels put on big buffets of every food from around the corner of the world.

6. This City has History Too

Fifty years back, this big city was little more than a rivulet fishing village before the oil invented. But this does not mean that there is no history. The oldest part of the city is ‘al-Fahidi’ (a new cultural region which dates back to the early 1900s). The old homes and narrow passageways here are a superb break from the superhighways and famous structures of the city.

7. Burj Khalifa is Fantastic

You will feel stunned when you see this big skyscraper. This 829-meter tall building in the world is tough to take in just how outstandingly significant it is. The panoramic views from the observation deck (148 stories above the ground) are just amazing. Nothing looks real from this much height ad you will feel like glancing child’s structure but heading to the top is not that cheap.

8. This City is Not for Walking

Those persons who love to discover on foot will get disappointed by the city. For the beginners, it is typically about a million degrees outside, i.e., you don’t want to be trekking in the scorching heat of the sun. Plus many things in Dubai are few miles apart, and sadly this city has not designed with the pedestrians in mind. You will only feel comfortable walking in the big shopping malls, which offers a lot of rooms to relax.

9. For the Shoppers, It Is Just Like Heaven

Dubai shopping malls are like heaven on earth for those persons who want to buy goods. You can purchase anything here from jewelry to designer clothes, best-quality foodstuffs, spices, and souvenirs. At the Dubai Mall, it is even a ‘Gold to Go ATM, at which the wealthy shoppers can withdraw one-ounce gold bars.

10. Mind-boggling Architecture

Besides the size of the building and grader, this is the place where you will find amazing architectural beauty. Yes, the icons like Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifa, the JW Marriott Marquis, the twisting Cayan Tower, and the fantastic Palm project featuring Atlantis Hotel.

11. You Are Allowed to Enjoy Beachside Only in Winter

Due to the desert, this city gets very hot. The average temperature in the summer months (June to Aug) is for 38 to 40 deg. OMG, it might be wondering how the inhabitants survive in this hot weather. But in the winter, it has 23 to 26 degrees at daytime, thus making it perfect weather for roaming hitting the beach and roaming the streets.

12. Local People Are Quite Rich

Emirati is financially sound people, and you will get to know this if you find yourself driving past one of their big houses.

12. You Will Not Find a Lot of Women Around

The blue-collar migrant workers have made the population of the city too big and nearly out of which 69% are men. That means till now the bulk of people you will watch roaming around the place unless you’re in the hotel.

13. You Can Do Anything

If you feel like skiing when it is 40 deg outside, then you can get it at indoor Ski Dubai. If you feel like playing golf on the green courses amid the desert, you can even do this at several courses throughout the city. In case you feel like riding a camel, drinking French champagne, bungy-jumping, watching a concert, skydiving, driving an F1 car, visiting an art gallery, swimming with dolphins, or going stand-up paddle-boarding. Yes, you can do that too.

14. It is a Location With Rich Culture

Although the city might appear you awkward and a little bit showy, there is a lot of thing in Dubai for the culture vultures. The Dubai Opera hosts day concerts and events while it is not possible to view the contemporary Middle Eastern art at galleries all across the town or see the concerts by bands for worldwide at the locations like The Music Hall, Burj Park, and The Music Room.

15. Camel Racing is Crazy

The favorite sport of the city is nuts. For the beginners, there are no jockeys on the camels but instead small robots which stay on the top of these creatures and the person nearby control them. But how can the person be nearby when you ask? Cool down- a fleet of luxury, AC 4WDs follows the camels around while they are racing, helping the passengers to control the robot. The racing tracks are so vast that you will barely see the contenders from your grandstand perch.

16. Yes, It’s Possible to Travel On a Budget

If you stay in the showy resorts, consume a meal at the best restaurants, and do shopping in the big malls, then living in Dubai could be quite expensive for you. But you can spend time in the suburb of Deira, bargaining at the markets, consuming Middle Eastern street food, staying in budget resorts and hotels, you will surely find this city quite affordable.

17. Everything Here Seems like a ‘World-Record Breaker.’

You might have heard the world’s biggest/most expensive/fastest/tallest/most beautiful in the news, newspapers, etc. because it has many claims to the world records for all kind of things, including the world’s tallest building and the largest shopping mall in the world.

18. It is Not that Conservative as You Might Think

You might have seen the stories of the travelers being jailed for the PDA, being too drunk or being gay. And it is true; occasionally people don’t get caught for the things which could be very much OK. But the whole city is not that conservative. Yes, you can wear anything. You will find tourists and foreigners for worldwide drinking and enjoy the clubs and bars. But you need to get aware of the cultural rules.

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18 Shocking Things about Dubai Every First Time Traveler Should Know

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