Jaipur: Unable To Bear The Roaring Heat🌞, Horse🐴 Gets Stuck In Car🎠😞!!

In a strange and sad incident, a horse went crazy in the Hasanpura area of Jaipur after he was unable to bear the roaring heat.

Horse penetrated through the windshield and get crashed into a moving car injuring himself and the car driver.

Both the horse and the car driver, Pankaj Joshi who works for an event management company, suffered minor injuries, in the bizarre accident.

Jaipur Horse-1

Nowadays, Jaipur was getting intensely heated day by day with 43 degree Celsius temperature on Sunday.

According to the passersby, he lost its control. This incident happened near the Jaipur Club in Civil Lines area.

Pictures and videos went viral on the internet……..!!!

The pictures and videos of the accident that presented a horse stuck in the car and being pulled out of the car were doing rounds on the social media.

Jaipur Horse-3

The horse gets stuck there for at least 10 minutes before the onlookers rescued the horse and the car driver.

What happened actually………?

A tangawala had tied his horse on the roadside. He was given a packet-full of fodder to eat and relax.

However, the food packet somehow blocked the eyesight of the horse which made it all the wilder.

Jaipur Horse-6

On a Sunday afternoon, the roaring horns and blistering heat scared the horse who hit with a car coming in the opposite direction.

As the horse reached Jacob Road in Civil Lines, it first smashed into a motorcyclist and then jumped into a car head on breaking its front windshield.

Jaipur Horse-4


Irked by the unbearable heat, the horse broke away from the pole it was tied to. And there was panic on the street as people started running away from the mad horse.

Locals launched a rescue effort immediately…..!!

Jaipur Horse-7

Onlookers and the officials from the forest department had a difficult time in saving the animal and the driver from the car.

Jaipur Horse-5

While Pankaj Joshi was discharged after first aid, the horse was still recovering.

Dr. Arvind Mathur who is treating the horse said:

Jaipur Horse



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Jaipur: Unable To Bear The Roaring Heat🌞, Horse🐴 Gets Stuck In Car🎠😞!!

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