24 Common Myths That You Have Been Assuming True All the Time

Believe it or not!! Everything you think you know is a ‘lie.’ So, it’s time to keep yourself updated with the right things. Here is the list of few myths ‘busted’.

1. Sharks don’t get cancer

In spite of what movies will tell you, sharks are not superman creatures of the sea and they can get cancer mainly skin cancer.

2. Different Parts of the Tongue

It is said that the tongue is divided into three different sections for the different tastes such as sweet, sour and bitter, etc. but actually, it is not like that.

3. You Should Wake Sleepwalkers

rousing a sleepwalker will lead to nothing more than confusion a sleeping walking is more deadly as you may end up hurting themselves.

4. Black Holes

In spite of its misleading name, black holes are not holes, but they are heavy objects with powerful gravitational pulls.

5. Great Wall Of China

It’s just crap that you can see the Great Wall of China from the space.

6. Missing Person Reports

In contrary to what cinema said, you can register the missing person complaint without the wait for 24 hours for the police to accept it.

7. Bats are Blind

Nope, it’s all bullshit!! They can see, and they can use echolocation similar to Daredevil. They are superhero rodents with wings.

8. Avoid Swimming After Eating

Whether it was your mother, that told you that don’t eat and swim, but it’s wrong as swimming on a stomach full won’t give you cramp but will make you feel breathlessness.

9. Humans Have Five Senses

Human beings have an unreasonable amount of senses that range from balancing the pain to hunger. It is closer to twenty that makes the children with sixth sense rubbish now.

10. There are Three Wise Men

At no point in the new evidence, it is said that there are particular three wise men at the time of the Christ birth.

11. Alcohol Kills Cells of Brain

Yes!! if you drink alcohol extra, you will find yourself in this condition, but unless you depend on the alcohol to offer the calories to your body, it won’t use your brain power.

12. Caffeine Dehydrates You

Caffeine has diuretic quality but usually speaking we take it as a part of a caffeinated drink. Thereby, this dehydrating effect may be due to the amount of water the drink has.

13. No Sex Before a Game

There is no scientific proof of this common myth, but sex before the game could boost your performance levels as it triggers the release of testosterone.

14. Left and Right Brain

you might have spent a lot of time messing around with the time-consuming tests, but the idea of the biological right or left brain balance don’t exist at all.

15. Bulls Hate Red Color

Bulls are color blind, and they usually react to the motions of the cloth of bullfighter as a perceived danger.

16. Dogs Sweat by Salivating

No, it’s crap!! The dogs control their body temperature via breathing heavily. They sweat via foot pads.

17. Avoid Touching the Baby Birds

It is said that if you touch a baby bird, her mother will leave him. The birds have a limited sense of smell. Therefore, it won’t leave a scent which will alert the parent.

18. Don’t Cut Nails at Night Time

There was no power when our ancestors live. So, you might end up hurting yourself while cutting nails.

19. Take a Bath After the Funeral

Do you know why it said to take a bath after the funeral? Well, you must do this just to prevent the infection from the dead body as the body of a human being is not safe after his demise.

20. Don’t Sweep the Floor at Night

Sweeping of floor at night could cause bad luck to you. No, it is not like that. Doing this under dark light could sweep the necessary stuff too.

21. Hang Chili and Lemon Outside the Door

Do you remember people hanging lemon and chili to safeguard themselves from any evil eye? But it is not like that chili and lemon are a rich source of various nutrients that help the body in guarding against any disorders.

22. Do you Wonder Why Girls with Periods are Not Permitted to Enter Temple or Kitchen?

Well, it is said so that they could rest as the girls feel discomfort and pain during this time. Plus, there are no sanitary napkins in the ancient time when these rules were made.

23. Don’t Cook During the Death Day

Do you know why people tell you that you should not cook during death day in the family? This ritual was made so that the family could take rest during this difficult time as the demise of a loved one make the people full of distress. So, in such a situation, one must avoid doing such things.

24. You Should Not Move Out During Solar Eclipse

It is because moving out at this time could lead to the retinal burns or eclipse blindness.

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24 Common Myths That You Have Been Assuming True All the Time

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