15 Common Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

Picking right honeymoon destination is one of the excellent investments you will make regarding your wedding. This is the time to imagine your future with each other. But if you are unfocused when preparing for the trip, your dream moon can turn it into a nightmare. So, let’s check out the most common honeymoon planning mistakes most couples make.

1. Planning at Wrong Time

Many people think that longer you wait for the trip, the more costly it will be. Also, there are fewer options available. Note that right time of booking tickets depend on the location where you are heading to your honeymoon.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

2. Setting an Unfeasible Budget

Another mistake that many couples make is that they don’t have a separate and defined budget. Identify how much money you want to spend on stay, travel, shopping, adventure activities, and other things and then make a budget. But make sure you and your fiance agrees on a specific budget. After that, start thinking about the locations, fun activities, and luxury hotels.

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3. Skipping Best Deals

The most common mistake honeymooners make is that they book cheap flights and cheap hotels. You will find good offers, promo codes, coupons, and tour packages everywhere. Also, many agencies offer special treats for honeymooners. Sign up for email alerts in hotels and airlines to get the best deal for you. You can also follow airlines and hotels on social media as well.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

4. Last-Minute Booking

If you are planning an international honeymoon vacation, ensure that you have arrangements and bookings for your travel in advance. Many couples forget this vital point and end up panicking later on. Research well on the different transportation modes available and book them as per your budget and taste.

Note: Make sure you make a phone call and recheck the fulfillment of any special rules that you have asked for before you arrive.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

5. Choosing the Wrong Location and Not Checking Reviews of Hotel

Not choosing the right location, people are another mistake couples make. So before booking your honeymoon, check the destination properly and hotel reviews.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

6. Going for Quantity Rather than Quality

Many people think that longer the trip is, the better it will be. Just note that you don’t remember only the happy moments there. Thus, it’s the best idea to cut down the trip by a couple of nights. Spend that money to get once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as a helicopter ride or a balloon ride. Also, make sure you customize your romantic getaway as per your taste.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

7. Not Packing Luggage in Advance

Wrapping up your honeymoon packing at the last minute may end up leaving you frustrated. You will even miss out important things. Thus, it’s the best idea to pack your essentials like clothes, makeup, reading glasses, sunscreen lotion, medicines, toiletries, etc. in advance. But make sure you take responsibility for your honeymoon suitcase.

Note: Make a list of things you would require and then keep on crossing the items as you place them in your bag.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

8. Ignoring Shoulder Seasons

Shoulder season is the period between a peak and off-peak seasons. Of course, you have to take into account weather conditions when planning a honeymoon.

You may have packet your short dress, bikinis, and rompers for your honeymoon, but bad weather may ruin your mood. Note that excellent weather goes hand in hand with the high season of your location. It is also the time when the services get more costly. So rather than booking in months (before and after peak season), it’s best to book it in small chunks.

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9. Leaving for Honeymoon Right After Marriage

After marriage, it’s good to wait for several days to relax your mind. Say goodbye to your guests, take good night sleep, write few ‘thank you’ cards, and pack last-minute stuff. It’s advised to take at least 3 to 4 days rest and then plan your honeymoon.

If you require more time for yourself and your dream honeymoon is out of budget, it’s a good idea to go for a mini honeymoon to a nearby town. You can also wait for several months to grab the best deal.

Note: Do some quick online research on weather conditions in your shortlisted places before you finalize the one for you.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

10. Using your Spouse Name

If you are using your husband’s name, note that paperwork won’t be complete until several months after the wedding. Also, make sure you use his exact name on your driver’s license or passport when making reservations or buying tickets.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

11. Skimping on Travel Insurance

No matter how strong your plans, but there are a few things that are out of your control. Thus, it’s a good idea to hunt a plan that includes ‘cancel for a reason’ clause that covers medical problems, baggage loss, theft, or natural calamities. But make sure you read all the terms and conditions of your travel insurance.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

12. Over Planning

We understand that you are too much excited for your romantic getaway, but planning too much can be exhausting. Only plan the activities that you want to explore. Make sure you have enough time to have fun. Good honeymoon planning includes an ideal balance of relaxation, romance, and adventure so that you make wonderful moments to treasure for the lifetime.

Note: Do not take tension of anything, take things as they come. Know each other better and have a wonderful time.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

13. Contraceptives

It is advised to bring a method of contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It will help you to enjoy precious moments with your spouse before you actually become parents.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

14. Doing Nothing

Many couples think that they want to visit a luxury resort or hotel and lie down there on a beach all day. But if that’s all you do, you will regret it for sure. It’s advised you to consider adrenalin-pumping activity like an ATV tour, jet-boat ride, or bungee jumping that you have never tried before.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

15. Not Take into Account Additional Expenditure

Your expenditure doesn’t always work out within the budget that you have set. It is in the case why you are planning to go abroad. Thus, it is advised to keep some amount of money to one side for the sudden expenses that might occur during your honeymoon trip.

Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

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15 Common Blunders You Should Avoid While Planning Honeymoon

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