Top 10 Amazing Clove Benefits That You Didn’t Even Know!!

Did you know that a common ingredient clove (Laung)  can also be used as a useful household remedy for many problems than just being giving a relief to a toothache? Read 10 clove benefits.

Check out these 10 amazing clove benefits which no one told you:

cloves, clove benefits

1. Clean kitchen

If you suffer from a bad smell from the kitchen because of a close kitchen space, then simmer few cloves in water and allow it to evaporate.

kitchen cleaning, clove benefits

2. Energy booster

Feeling lethargic at work? Keep a small bottle of clove oil at hand. Add one drop of clove oil in any beverage and you will never feel lazy. You will actually feel the difference after trying this.

energy booster, clove benefits

3. Bugs free

Keep your garden and yard gets rid of bugs, stop the use of chemical sprays, rather make some space for clove plant and see the magical effect afterward.

bugs, clove benefits

4. Natural Room freshener

Forget those market packed lavender and sandalwood room fresheners. In fact, try your own natural room fresheners by mixing clove oil and water.

Don’t forget to shake the bottle well before it’s every single use.

You can use another old room freshening technique also. 


orange-with-clove, clove benefits

a) Press the cloves into the orange.

orange-with-clove-1, clove benefits

b) Put them in a bowl on the table or tie a ribbon around them and hang them in your wardrobe.

orange-with-clove-2, clove benefits

5. Fresh flask

Due to the regular use of flask, thermos or flask starts stinking with the time. In order to avoid that bad odor, put some cloves inside it after the wash for a while and then feel fresh while using it.

vacuum-flask, clove benefits

6. Natural Flies And Mosquitoes repellent

Are kitchen flies annoying you in the kitchen and want to get rid of them instantly in a natural way.

Housefly, clove benefits

Then put a bowl full of cloves in the central area of your kitchen and say goodbye to them permanently in a few hours.

clove benefits-3, clove benefits

7. Happy And Healthy skin

Clove oil is a simple natural remedy for the swollen (puffy) skin. Apply clove oil twice a day and see the difference in your skin yourself. Keep a note that you apply it in a small quantity as it may burn your skin as well.

happy skin, clove benefits

8. Homemade oil

Take 1/4 cup cloves and 1 cup olive oil, mix them in a bowl and cover it for 1 day (24 hours). Then, strain it and keep in an airtight container, use when needed.

Clove-Oil, clove benefits

9. Hypertension

This might sound shocking to you, but yes, chewing cloves can really minimize your hypertension. Try it for some days and notice the change in yourself!

hypertension, clove benefits

10. Anti ants remedy

Mix some clove oil, water, and cinnamon oil in a spray bottle, shake it well before use. And spray the above mixture on the series of ants.

ants, clove benefits

Actually, the reason behind this is that ants do not like its “strong smell.”

or put a  clove in the sugar container to keep away ants.

Keep-Away-Ants, clove benefits


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Top 10 Amazing Clove Benefits That You Didn’t Even Know!!

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