Bill Clinton Charged For 4 More Sexual Abuse Cases

Fresh reports said that four women had claimed allegations of sexual abuse against former 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton. According to Daily Mail, the former president allegedly assaulted the women in early 2000s.

As per the report, the incidents occurred after Clinton move out of the White House. At the time of the incident, these women were recruited at the organization of a playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle.

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As per the ‘Telegraph’ report, the horror might have happened when Clinton assisted Burkle in his business and gone in his private grand jets with a group of beautiful young women.

However, the unidentified complainants are planning to register four different cases against the former president of United States.

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Bill Clinton had also previously encountered numerous sexual harassment and assault cases. The most famous is Monica Lewinsky. She is the one who has an affair with Clinton. Lewinsky was an intern at White House. The sex scandal came to limelight in the year 1998.

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A few Years later, while attending Under-30 Summit of Forbes, Monica Lewinsky had claimed how she was the first female whose international humiliation gone viral on the Internet. And how she became a “TOTALLY PRIVATE PERSON TO A PUBLICLY HUMILIATING ONE” overnight.

In 2014, a book entitled as “tell-all” had released which also narrates that Israel used phone sex tape of Bill Clinton with Lewinsky for blackmailing.

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As per the Mirror report, Daniel Halper (Author) who had also told that former US president and Elizabeth Hurley (British actress) is on a ‘hit list’ of the women he desired and that the UK, Russian and Israeli spies observed the X-rated calls.

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The book ‘Clinton Inc.’ directed by Bill Baber also claims while Israeli Priem minister Benjamin Netanyahu used those sex videos to try to get Bill Clinton to release Jonathan Pollard who is an American who went jail for spying Middle East country.


In the US presidential polls 2016, the wife of Clinton ‘Democrat Hillary Clinton’ told that she had “MOVED ON.” And her husband even said that she was not interested in talking about the sex scandal that resulted in the end of the presidency.





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Bill Clinton Charged For 4 More Sexual Abuse Cases

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