Cherry Blossom Season In The Month Of Love Will Cheer You Up!

Japan’s Early Blossoming “Kawazu Cherry Blossoms” Are In beautiful Full Bloom Right Now.

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These blossoms are commonly knowns as “Sakurain Japanese” that usually bloom in early April or late March.

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But this year, Cherry Blossoms have arrived a little early in the Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu.

A small diesel train takes passengers on a tour via fragrant aromas and rising shades of pink.

Thus, visitors flock to the area each February to see this supremely romantic event.

The early blooming cherry blossoms started to bloom🌸 河津桜満開🌸

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Kawazu’s trees are a unique breed to the other cherry blossoms around Japan which are typically seen in the month of February.


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Millions of tourists came every year to see the glimpse of romantic landscapes.

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“Kawazu” is located on the Izu peninsula which just takes two hours from Tokyo station via train.

At night, there’s a different magnificence to the trees, as they get brighten by floodlights. 

Here, Cherry Blossom signifies the temporary beauty of life, the acceptance of karma, and the event of death.

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For these reasons, they appear frequently in the Japanese art and have become a spot image of the Japan itself.

The whole place became so magical.

The cherry blossoms have an important significance in Japanese culture.

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Japanese white-eye birds sipping the pure nectar out of the cherry trees everywhere.

The small town that is located just a few minutes away from Tokyo, is popular for its 8000 cherry blossom trees that bloom early every year.

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This Japanese Town has turned Into a colorful wonderland.

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The Kawazu town has about 8,000 of the trees.

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The next time you visit Japan, add Kawazu cherry blossom trip to our bucket list.

A south coast city of Japan “Kochi” is also awaited to see an early blossom this year.

Kawazu Early Blooming Cherry Trees

Check Out the peak of hanami times around the country.

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Cherry Blossom Season In The Month Of Love Will Cheer You Up!

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