After Gel, Cream And Wax, The Trending Hair Styling Craze Is Here!!

Everyone has a hairstyle and nowadays such haircut has come that look strange, but they are in trend nowadays.

Hairstyles also have different ways, one of which we are going to tell you today. After seeing this, you will be surprised at what kind of hair is cut.

Often the hair cutter uses water and scissors, but the one we are going to tell about uses water, not fire. Nowadays, Fire Haircut is being done. So let’s also tell you about it.

OMG!! Barber Lits Fire On Hair!!

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-4


The new is known as ‘fire haircut’. This is the new trend in hair styling is becoming famous very fast among youths in Delhi and who want to look impressive for various purposes, mostly to impress girls.

“Fire Haircut” Is Becoming The latest hair cut trend….

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-5

In fact, it is a salon, where during the haircut, the hair of the salon is set on fire by cutting people’s hair.

Before cutting hair, they put few white powder in the head, after which they put gels in the hair and then the lighter fires in it.

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-9


When a fire starts, they set hair with the help of comb, and fire from it also appeases. After this, your fire haircut and your hair do not get any damage to your hair.

After gel, cream and wax, the latest craze in hair styling are here, and you won’t believe it’s a “candle”!

Imran Badruddin has a unique way of styling customers’ hair. No, he does not use a special cream or massage it into your scalp over ten minutes.

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-10

He styles hair using a candle! Haircuts at Enrich Unisex Salon in Geeta Colony, New Delhi starts off much like anywhere else, with a wash, shampoo and blow dry.

After a basic cut with a machine, he styles it.

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-11

Imran Badruddin has learned this technique from his dad, who developed the practice many years ago when he had to find a way to cut customer’s hair even in the dark during power cuts.

Fire Haircut In New Delhi-12

Isn’t that weird?? Do you find it wonderful?? Drop your views in the comments section below.


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After Gel, Cream And Wax, The Trending Hair Styling Craze Is Here!!

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