Modi-Abe Meet: India’s First Undersea Bullet Train Will Run In India By 2023🚄

PM Narendra Modi and Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe will launch bullet train tomorrow. 

The Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train is supposed to cost Rs. 1.10 Lakh Crore for the initial rail link and Japan will fund 81 per cent of the whole project.

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Shinzo Abe, who is coming today for a 2-day trip, will together lay foundation work on the first bullet train of India in Ahmedabad tomorrow. 

The project is a joint venture between the Japanese company ‘Shinkansen Technology’ and the Indian Railways.

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Check out the ten highlights on the massive bullet train project

1. The new bullet train is around 1.10 Lakh Crore Rupees for its first rail link, and Japan will fund 81 percent in soft loans at 0.1 percent interest rate along with repayment across 50 years.

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2. The new bullet train can house 750 passengers between Gujarat and Mumbai. In one day, it will make 70 Ahmedabad-Mumbai

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3. Bullet train expected to run at an average speed of 250 kilometers per hour, with a top speed of nearly 320 km per hour which is more than double the maximum pace of the India’s fastest train.

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4. 92 per cent of the ways out of the 508-km stretch will be mounted, and 6 % in a tunnel and the rest two will be on the ground.

5. The high-speed train will also pass via the India’s biggest tunnel of length 21 km, of which 7 kilometers will be under the sea.

Bullet Train

6. Around 460 kilometers of the way will be on mounted track, 27 kilometers inside the tunnel and the leftover 13 km on the ground.

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7. India’s first bullet train is expected to run in less than five years. Piyush Goyal, India’s New Railways Minister, said the bullet train would begin running between Mumbai and Ahmedabad on August 15, 2022, means when India will complete its 75 years of independence.

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8. The bullet train will link Mumbai- Ahmedabad with a total of twelve stations.

9. The time of travel will be less from eight hours to just three hours if it stops at all stations and nearly two hours if it stops at only four stations.

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10. A big stretch of this connection, 351 km, will run via Gujarat and 156 kilometers via Maharashtra.




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Modi-Abe Meet: India’s First Undersea Bullet Train Will Run In India By 2023🚄

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