Bihar: OMG This Bride Reached Groom’s House With Barat😵!!

The marriage in Nawada of Bihar is on the everybody’s lips. Nowadays, you have heard and seen that during any wedding the groom comes to the bride’s house with but it is opposite case in in Nawada.

Here, the bride herself after she gets ready reached the groom’s house. The groom welcomed the bride with a bouquet who reached the door.

Nawad Wedding

In the Budh Seva Nagar area of Nawada, the marriage of President Medal winner Dr. Suman Saurabh and Rajendra Prasad’s son Abhishek were completed on Saturday by the daughter-in-law of Ranjit Prasad.

Saurav Suman has presented a great example for the entire society.

Dr. Suman Saurabh said that keeping an eye on the matter which gave him an identity in front of the society, he organized this unique wedding.

Nawad Wedding-1

His wish was that the daughter-in-law came to her house with a procession to change the thinking of society amongst the women.

Social worker Umesh Singh said that those people belong to Buddhism religion and Buddhism always speaks of equality.


That’s why he organized this different wedding to give equal rights to women also.

He said that the marriage was done wholly by the “Arjak Sangh”. No pandit or without any ritual was followed. This marriage by the Arjak Sangh remains a matter of discussion among the people of the Nawada area.




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Bihar: OMG This Bride Reached Groom’s House With Barat😵!!

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