20 Top Home Remedies Of Brahmi For Health, Hair, And Skin!!

Brahmi (Gotu Kola) has tremendous health benefits including skin, hair, and health. It is an excellent memory enhancer, regulates diabetes, reduces stress and much more.


A guide to Gotu Kola


1. Boost Brain Memory

The best way to eat it is in the form of chutney with your daily diet.

Tip 1: Chew few leaves of Gotu Kola in empty stomach.

Tip 2:

You will need:

a) Dried Brahmi powder (16 part)
b) Sugar (1/2 teaspoon)
c) Calamus root (Bach) powder (1 part)



a) Mix all the above ingredients and make its fine powder.

b) In the evening, take 1/4 teaspoon by mixing honey in cow milk for 50 days.

Tip 3:

a) Take five fresh Gotu Kola, crush them and extract the juice from its leaves.

b) Mix one tablespoon of honey to this and consume it empty stomach in the morning 2 or 3 times a day.


Tip 4:

a) Mix one-quarter to 1 and a half teaspoon of Gotu Kolapowder in 1 cup of warm milk.

b) Now add a pinch of cardamom and drink it once or twice daily.

Note: You can also add a little-clarified butter (ghee).

2. Cures Dysentery

Tip: Consume Gotu Kola leaves along with sugar and cumin.


3. Diarrhea In Children

Tip: Make a paste of Gotu Kola leaves and apply it to the navel of children.


4. Treats Stomach Troubles

It also cures digestion problems in adults and also purifies the impure blood in children.

Tip: Take 1 or 2 spoons of Gotu Kola leaves juice mixed with cow’s milk.


5. Cures Leprosy

Tip 1:

a) Take Gotu Kola fresh leaves and dry them in the scorching sunlight.

b) Make its powder by grinding the dried leaves.

c) Consume 3 to 5 grains of powder three times a day.


6. Treats Epilepsy And Nervous Weakness

Tip 1:

You will need:

a) Dried Gotu Kola powder (125 mg)
b) Mukta Pishti (65 mg)
c) Shankhpushpi powder (125 mg)
d) Honey (1 Teaspoonful)
e) Suvarna Bhasma (65 mg)


a) Mix it well altogether and take empty stomach early in the morning.


Tip 2:

a) Make five parts of Gotu Kola powder (use the whole plant), six parts honey and four-part Koshtam (Costus root) powder into the small pills.

b) Consume one pill every day to cure nervous debility.

7. Mental Disorders


You will need:

a) Brahmi fresh powder or juice: 1 to 3 gm/14 to 28 ml
b) Cow’s milk: 100 to 150 ml.


a) Mix it and take twice in a day daily.


8. Prolapse of Rectum And Rickets in Children

You will need:

a) Brahmi powder: 65-125 mg
b) Ghee: 5 ml


a) Mix and give it to the children twice a day.


Note: If they are boiled and processed well, the patients of mental disorder can also take this remedy (1/2 to 1 teaspoonful twice a day).

9. Boost Strength And Eliminates Worms

This Brahmi drink acts as a refreshing beverage that is excellent for health.

You will need:

a) Sugar candy
b) Ground almonds
c) Milk
d) Brahmi leaves


a) Soak a few Brahmi leaves in water overnight.

b) Make a paste of all Ground almonds, milk, and Sugar candy.

c) Take this drink daily.


10. Treats Insomnia

It helps to overcome sleep disorders, which leads to cure depression, tension, stress, and anxiety.

Tip: Massage your hair scalp with Brahmi oil.

Tip 2:

a) Grind Brahmi powder (3 gm) in a half liter cow’s raw milk.

b) Strain the milk and take this for a week.


11. Prevent Hair Problems

Brahmi oil is rich in biochemical compounds. It cures common hair problems like as dandruff, split ends, discoloration, temporary or permanent baldness, hair loss and helps in the proper nourishment of roots which overall promotes hair growth.

Tip: Use of Brahmi oil daily.


Hair Fall

a) Take 1 teaspoon of its whole plant powder twice a day.

b) Repeat the process for a few weeks.

12. Mood Elevator

It decreases the level of cortisol hormone, which is the main reason for stress.

Tip: Taking Brahmi-Tulsi tea daily.


For a chronic headache and Anxiety


a) Grind 3 gm Brahmi with few black pepper in water.

b) Strain the solution and give this to the patient 3 to 4 times a day.


13. Restores Mind Calmness

Tip: Take the fresh juice of the Brahmi leaves along with one teaspoon of honey.


14. Burning Sensation

Tip 1:

a) Soak Brahmi (5 gm) and coriander at night.

b) Grind them and strain the solution the next day.

c) Add sugar candy in it and give this remedy to the patient.


15. Dysuria


a) Take two teaspoons of Brahmi juice and mix one teaspoon of sugar candy in it.

b) Consume this once a day.


16. Blood Pressure


a) Consume one teaspoon Brahmi juice with 1/2 teaspoon of honey.


17. Joint Pain

Tip 1: Take the Brahmi oil and apply on the bones daily.

Tip 2: Apply the Brahmi leaves paste to the affected areas.


18. Clears Voice


a) Mix 100 gm Brahmi, 50 gm of Shankhapushpi and 100 gm grapes.

b) Mix it with water to prepare the extract.

c) Give this to the patient.


19. Skin Problems

It prevents acne and wrinkles and erases all the scars from the skin.


a) Mash few Brahmi leaves with turmeric powder and lemon drops.

b) Make the paste and apply this on the face once a week.


20. Swelling

Brahmi leaves highly useful in elephantiasis, boils, and rheumatic swelling.

Tip: Apply its paste over the affected areas.



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20 Top Home Remedies Of Brahmi For Health, Hair, And Skin!!

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