This Short Film ‘Born Free’ Shows “You Are What You Dream”!!

This short film, ‘Born Free’ is the story of ‘Samarth’ who goes on a trip to Goa and his life changes forever, and then he meets ‘Vanya’.

Samarth is the Type-A personality, successful and focused in the corporate world whose universe revolves around his work.

“Life is not what happens to you, it is how you react to it.”

It is actually how you respond to the constant review of ‘well-wishers’, it is also how you choose to fight with the weaknesses, but most crucially it is about how you eliminate the dirt and take that ‘leap’ of faith and opinion.

born free short film-1

Yes, Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan which is our favorites are playing the parts, but the story is not about the roles alone.

born free short film

The story is about me and many people like us who have wrapped the voice of their judgment and switched it with that of the society.

But like the film says, be the man or woman of your dreams so follow what you like not what others tell you.




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This Short Film ‘Born Free’ Shows “You Are What You Dream”!!

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