Facebook Blood Donation Feature Will Roll Out In India Soon

Facebook has now added a special feature to enhance secure blood donation in India so that the needy blood recipients meet the blood donors withing no time.

You simply need to sign up to be a blood donor from the Facebook News Feed. 

blood donation-2

This new initiative in India is all set to launch on the National Blood Donation Day…..

It’s also creating a special post for requesting blood donations of a particular kind in a particular location, and then notifying the donors nearby that matched. India will get this characteristic live from 1st October.

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While many people are willing to donate blood, they might not know where to go, how to sign up or have the peer, family or social pressure who prevent him from doing this. 

blood donation

It will help 2 million people already registered….

Putting this great information on the biggest social media network creates a visible reminder, and watching the blood donor tag on the Facebook profiles of people could motivate them so that also should sign up. 

blood donation-6

Also, this benevolent activity is sure to collect many Likes and comments in News Feed, which could further help the people to reach posts enough donors of their a local match via those posts.


blood donation-1

That’s when the giant company will begin displaying a message in the News Feed requesting people to sign up, and offering a new thing to add to the profile. Users can find more data on donating blood there.

Facebook will roll out the next big thing in India in the coming weeks….

Facebook blood donation will allow people to make donor requests to give blood for a particular person or agency such as a hospital or blood bank. 

blood donation-5

If the initiative goes successfully in India, FB could roll it out to other places also… 

You will also get an option to include the desired blood type, contact info, the place where it needs to be donated, and in last a story about the person in need. In 2012 also, Facebook did a similar drive for organ donation. 

blood donation-4





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Facebook Blood Donation Feature Will Roll Out In India Soon

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