Top 20 Ayurvedic Home Remedies Of ‘Bhringraj’: The King Of Herbs!!

Bhringraj plant is also known as Eclipta Prostrata,  False Daisy or Eclipta Alba. The whole plant (roots, seeds) is used in Ayurveda for treating various health ailments in Ayurveda. It’s is the herb for longevity and rejuvenation. 



1. Headache

Tip: Take Bhringraj root powder and mix it with some oil drops and directly apply it to your head.


2. Cracked Heels

Tip: Massage the feet with Bhringraj juice daily.


3. Dehydration

Tip: Mix 25ml juice extracted from the Bhringraj leaves with 30 grams of honey and take it twice every day.


4. Earache

Tip: Mix castor oil with Bhringraj juice and add few drops in the ear.


5. Burning Urination

Tip 1: Take salt with Bhringraj root powder and consume.


6. Skin Problems

Tip: Take a paste of Bhringraj leaves and apply it to the skin, swollen wounds and glands.


7. Cold And Excess Mucus

Tip: Mix 8 drops of honey with two drops of Bhringraj juice and give it to the newborn children suffering from cold.


8. Jaundice

Tip: Mix 5 grams of Bhringraj leaves, 50 grams of buffalo curd or buttermilk and 5 grams of black pepper and consume it daily for nearly 4 to 5 days.


9. Uterine Hemorrhaging

Tip: Consume about 2 to 4 ounces of Bhringraj leaves decoction twice a day.



10. Hair Problems

a) Premature graying and balding

Tip 1: Boil the Bhringraj leaves juice in coconut oil and apply it to your hair.


Tip 2:

You Will Need Bhringraj Leaves or 5 to 6 tablespoon Dried Bhringraj Powder.


1. Blend the leaves with some water to form a paste.

2. Or mix 5 to 6 tablespoons of dried Bhringraj powder with some water to form a thick paste.

3. Apply it onto your scalp and hair and keep it undisturbed for nearly 20 minutes.

4. Wash it off with shampoo thrice a week.


Note: You can also use basil and amla as well. Or you can have a scalp massage using Bhringraj oil thrice in a week.

When applied the mixture to the hair, it has resulted in a soothing effect which also makes you sleep better.

Tip 3: Hair Pack


1. Take equal quantities of Bhringraj powder or leaves, methi powder and amla powder in a cup.

2. Mix it well together and add sufficient yogurt to make a thick paste.

3. Apply this hair pack all over your scalp, leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

4. Use this hair pack daily.


b) Hair loss

Tip 1: Take Bhringraj juice and mix it with sesame oil and apply it directly to your hair.Bhringraj-15

11. Intestinal Worm Infestation

Tip: Take Bhringaraja juice extract along with castor oil.


12. Liver Disorders

Tip: Consume about 3 to 5 grams of Bhringraj fresh juice daily.


13. Eye Infection

Tip: Add its juice extract as an eye drops to relieve pain as well as infection.


14. Nose Cleansing

Tip 1: Mix it with goat milk and use it as nasal drops.

Tip 2:

a) Add 200 grams of cow ghee, 200 ml Bhringraj juice of its leaves, 10 grams each of Yashtimadhu powder and robusta berries powder.


b) Boil it well and cool it down.

c) After some time, filter out the oil.

d) Add 3 to 4 drops of this oil in the nostrils every morning daily.


15. Infertility

Tip 1: Take Bhringaraja juice extract

Tip 2: Consume only cooked rice with milk.

It helps to boost power, fertility, life expectancy and immunity.


Note: Dosage

a) Powder: 250 mg to 2 grams per day, or as advised by Ayurveda doctor.
b) Juice: 5 to 10 ml

Tip 3: Take Bhringraj seeds to boost sexual power and stamina.

16. Anemia

This natural soup made with Bhringraj leaves can treats anemia very effectively.


Tip 1:

a) Heat a little bit of homemade ghee in a pan and season it with cumin seeds.

b) Once the cumin seeds create noise, add two garlic clove chopped, one large sliced onion, and one small tomato, mix it well and add the Bhringraj leaves.

c) Fry it well and season it with pepper and salt.

d) Add water to cook until the mixture is wholly immersed in water (2 whistles).

e) After it gets cooked, mash it with a hand blender and strain the juice.

f) Take this soup daily for a few days.


17. Sinus Infection

Tip 1:

a) Take a handful of Bhringraj leaves in a frying pan.

b) Pound 1/4 tsp peppercorns coarsely in it.

c) Now, add the Bhringraj leaves and three pinches organic turmeric powder.

d) Boil it until the quantity reduces to half and finally strain it.


Note: Make sure that the peppercorns are rough. You can use this fantastic remedy for young children too but make sure to minimize peppercorn quantity.

18. A Cough And Lung Infection

Tip 1:

a) Take equal quantities of Bhringraj juice and sesame oil.

b) Boil it over a low heat until the water evaporates.

c) After that, strain and drink the one spoon of this solution in the morning and night.


This decoction also strengthens gums and teeth and also beneficial for the tongue.

19. Night Blindness


a) Fry the Bhringraj leaves in ghee or clarified butter.

b) Consume it daily for better eyesight.


20. Blood Pressure

Tip 1:

a) Take 1 ounce of its juice (15 ml) and cow’s milk.

b) Boil it and cool it down.

c) Take it in every morning.


SPECIAL TIP: Constipation

Consume five fresh leaves daily every morning.


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Top 20 Ayurvedic Home Remedies Of ‘Bhringraj’: The King Of Herbs!!

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