Best Wedding Tips for Brides Planning their Own Arrangements

Planning your own wedding is exciting, but the ceremony also includes a lot of hard work and can be stressful. It’s because it involves many decisions: venue, dress, and guest list, to name a few. However, hiring a savvy professional for your dream wedding is a good idea. So, let’s check out the amazing ways by which a bride can have a thoughtful wedding.

1. Set Your Budget and Follow it Strictly

While identifying your wedding budget, first you need to decide whether you want a small or gala wedding. It’s because the size of the wedding determines how exactly you are going to distribute the budget. But figuring out your wedding budget is not a simple task. After all, your wedding will likely be the biggest party you have ever hosted. And you can’t move ahead with planning till you know how much you can spend on a location, flowers, and dress.

Wedding planning tips for brides

One of the three couples goes out of budget. So make sure you are not one of them. Before you begin fantasizing about the location, book costly vendors, or try designer dresses. It’s best to calculate your savings and maintain a detailed spreadsheet so that you don’t go over during the planning. It is difficult to work when it comes to finances, but by putting in the energy and time today will make sure that you will live happily ever after.

Possible wedding expenses include:

– Paper goods
– Bride’s gown
– Makeup artist
– Bride’s accessories
– Hair stylist
– Photographer
– Videographer
– Groom’s outfit
– Groom’s accessories
– Ceremony venue
– Reception venue
– Cake/dessert
– Wedding planner
– Wedding coordinator
– Florist
– Catering
– Alcohol
– Ceremony decor
– Reception decor
– Band
– DJ
– Getaway vehicle
– Welcome bags
– Bridesmaid gifts
– Groomsmen gifts
– Favors

2. Choose a Time of the Year

After identifying your perfect price tag, it’s time to choose the time of the year to get married and preferred style for the entire ceremony. Just remember that desiring a large formal winter wedding and a small bohemian garden party in the spring season are the two different things. This will determine all you second and third level decisions. So it’s best to pick a few perfect dates for your wedding and try to be flexible if possible so that you do not feel too restricted when trying to book other vendors.

3. Set Your Priorities

Since every couple is different, so each one will have different priorities. Just sit down with your finance and make a list of what is most vital to you about your big day. For example, if you want amazing food, then obviously you would spend more money on it and cut back your spending elsewhere. Usually, couples have here main priorities like booze, food, and DJ. When you sort out the priorities in advance it will be simple for you to make vital financial decisions along the way.

4. Include Your Finance in Planning

As a bride, you want your wedding to be perfect and take on all the responsibility. But marriage is not only about you because you are marrying a person right? So, it’s vital to make all your essential decisions altogether and have effective communication. Make sure that you decide on every element of your wedding and include their ideas too in the planning because this will show great respect and tell that his opinions also matter a lot. When you need any help, do not hesitate to ask your fiance.

5. Pick Your Wedding Style

Every couple wants a wedding that is totally unique, and it’s really up to you what kind of feel and look you desire for your big day. Just note that a black tie wedding is going to feel stupid if you host it festival-style in a field and vice versa.

Wedding planning tips for brides-

6. Find Inspiration and Make a Dream Board

One of the funny and straightforward ways to feel your wedding come to life is via inspiration boards. To bring your vision to life, just create a wedding Pinterest board. Keep it private if you want your day to be a surprise for guests. You can make it a group board which you let your mother and maid of honor contribute to.

You can create different inspiration boards for different things like one for bridal fashion and others for invitations, ceremony programs, etc. Just note that adobe illustrator and in the design are the best places to design your boards because you can easily drag and add directly from various websites.

7. Restrict Your Options

Do not spellbind yourself with all the inspiration that you have. After deciding your wedding style, stay focused on it.

8. Buy Wedding Planning Book

When you can’t afford a wedding planner, it’s best to purchase the best wedding planning book. The pent of advice and tricks will help you to easily handle everything – from subtle etiquette to small nuts and bolts no matter what’s your wedding budget.

9. Get Help Online

You will easily find many examples online broken down by months, weeks, and also in days. Hunt the best one and adjust it in your own wedding.

10. Get Everything Well Organized

It’s best to use spreadsheets, Word, or Google Docs checklist to put all your numbers, budget, and thoughts all in one place. There are also other apps and programs that you can try to keep everything organized.

11. Avoid Making Any Decision in Haste

It may be exciting to book your first florist or photographer while planning your wedding, but it is vital to weigh all your options before you make any decision in a hurry.

12. Avoid Getting Guest-Friendly

Your family members and even your wedding guests will have tons of questions for you. But it’s best to avoid those endless text messages, voicemails, and emails from them. You can send them a virtual wedding card online so that they can check every detail there.

13. Select a Theme

Picking a wedding theme is vital because it offers guidance when choosing other aspects like cake, bridesmaid dresses, etc. But it should be about more than just trend and look. Above all else, it should reflect your personality. You can use the venue as a source of inspiration.

Wedding planning tips for brides

Popular wedding themes usually include fairy tale, beach, winter wonderland, rustic chic, and garden. Depending on the time of the year you pick, one theme might work better than another one. For example, if you have chosen October month, its best to add fall color into your wedding. So while identifying which themes to choose, here are few questions to ask each other.

-Do you like bold or bright colors?
-Are you attracted to vintage or modern style theme?
-Do you and your spouse-to-be have a specific style that you love the most?

Also think about the color you will pick for your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and decor while taking into account theme. For example, green and lavender shades in an outdoor setting in May month looks like a romantic event.

14. Have an On-site Wedding

As per tradition, the wedding is usually held in one site and reception on other sites. Although this kind of wedding does not work well for plenty of couples, there are certain perks that it offers. These types of celebrations are affordable, simple, and easy to manage. In fact, snapping pictures of the ceremony and reception will become a lot simpler because no person will be traveling from one place to another.

On-site weddings are held usually in restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc. On the other hand, an off-site wedding does not have any commercial kitchen, so you do not need to bring everything in. They are held in an open field, park, or beachside.

15. Make Your Guest List

Before you add every person you have ever known into your wedding guest list, take into account the minimum and a maximum number of guests that you can allow to your wedding site. You will also need to ponder on your wedding budget and venue at this time too mainly if you have got a wedding quote for the specified number of guests. Simply sit down with your fiance and family to prepare a list of guests.

Wedding planning tips for brides

16. Communicate with Other Married Couples

Think about the wedding you have really enjoyed and communicate with them as a couple. They will surely offer you some best tricks and tips. Just note that sometimes, family and friends are the excellent sources to get awesome ideas.

17. Plan a Wedding Party

One of the difficult decisions you will have is to decide who will be in your wedding party. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids are there to offer emotional and tactical support during the wedding planning process. It’s best to pick family and friends you can trust and who will truly stand next to you during this special occasion.

18. Take Help from the Vendors You Trust Fully

It’s a smart idea to make a team of people whom you are comfortable with. But make sure that they must have a good sense of your vision and trustworthy so that your plan executes as you want. Make sure you research around and ask prices of diverse vendors before you give them hard-earned money. Another thing to note is that you must read every minute detail mentioned in your contract with vendors especially payment and cancellation policies.

19. Decide your Social Media Strategy

Signage, photo booths, and hashtags are the best way to get guest posting on social media platforms. If you want your ceremony private, include signage about an unplugged ceremony or hire an officiant for the speedy announcement.

Wedding planning tips for brides

20. Consider Traditions to Add a Special Touch

There are tons of wedding traditions that you can choose for your wedding but make sure you plan a few personal traditions too. For example, if your family has certain traditions or if there is something you want your future generations to include in their wedding ceremony; don’t feel afraid to give your wedding a special touch. Also, if there are certain traditions that you do not like, it’s better to make your own traditions.

21. Make Sure there is a Gap between Honeymoon and Wedding

Planning a honeymoon and wedding simultaneously can be time-consuming and costly. So it’s best to ensure that there is sufficient time between your wedding ceremony and honeymoon. This helps you to save time and allow you to focus on just one event at a time.

22. Check Everything Carefully

Check with your wedding venue to find out when vendors can arrive for set up. Get every detail as early as possible and make a crosscheck. You can also hire a professional wedding coordinator to supervise all the details. He will help you to keep everything on schedule and keep track of the vendors.

23. Prepare a Schedule of Events

Make a proper schedule for the event at your wedding. This includes things like deciding when the ceremony will be held, when vendors will arrive, when the cake will be cut, etc. Also make sure that you give the photocopy to the photographer, maid of honor, MC, and any person that is involved in the planning process.

Wedding planning tips for brides

24. Take Some Time Off for You

After the planning process is over, it’s time to take a break and chill out with your fiance.

25. Say Big ‘Thanks’ to those who Helped

Express gratefulness to every person who has worked and supported you during the planning process. Its best idea to arrange small presents for your wedding party and for those who have played a big role. Make sure you include your mother and father.

26. Enjoy

The most vital thing to keep in mind is to have some fun. After all, it’s your wedding day. Do not get messed up in the small details; make sure you only focus on what is essential.

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Best Wedding Tips for Brides Planning their Own Arrangements

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