Top 8 Places to Visit in Rome

Rome city is famous for its rich heritage, history, and art. Over the years, it has expanded its empire all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. So, check of the best places to visit in Rome.

1. Baths of Caracalla

It is the second largest baths in Rome, and Emperor Caracalla created them in third century for political purposes, i.e., he wanted the people to like him. The baths were functional for nearly three hundred years. Earthquake, negligence, and looting have converted the complex into the remains, but their big size and the creativity has impressed many visitors.

2. Appian Way

Appian Way is one of the most famous ancient roads in Rome, which connects the city with Brindisi in Southern Italy. In fact, it is the named after ‘Roman censor’ Appius Claudius Caecus, but it was initially a military road. You will find plenty of historical monuments along the first 8 kilometers of the 560 kilometers, but it is quite safe to walk for the pedestrians after a few miles.

3. Palatine Hill

It is one of the seven hills in Rome and has links to Roman mythology. It is believed that there was a wolf who live there found twin boys Remus and Romulus and cared for them till a shepherd save them. It is also one of the sites where the Romans were founded. At present, there are only the remains, but at the time of the Imperial era, this hill was built with significant palaces.

4. Saint Peter’s Square

Set in the Vatican city, this square is one of the most popular in Rome. Many people collect there to hear the message from the Pope. Built by Bernini in 17 century, Saint Peter’s Square has an elliptical surrounded on two sides by the corridors before St. Peter’s Basilica and the figure sitting at the top of colonnades. In the center of the ellipse, there is an Egyptian pillar that was moved to Rome from Egypt during the rule of Emperor Augustus.

5. Castel Sant’Angelo

It was created to be a tomb for Emperor Hadrian along with his family. Made in 123 BC, this castle was converted into a castle and fortress later on by the popes. This monument was once the tallest building of Rome.

The ashes of the emperors were buried there but scattered when the Visigoths conquered in 410. Castel Sant’Angelo was also served as a prison, but at present, it’s a museum. It is one of the famous sites in Rome and the movie addicts will find it as a setting from the Demons and Angels.

6. Roman Forum

Set in the tiny Roman valley between the Capitoline and Palatine hills, Roman Forum was for centuries the populous heart of ancient Rome, i.e., the place of winning polls and processions, venue for public speeches, and center of commercial affairs.

But at present, it’s the ruins of architectural fragments and also includes the Arches of Septimius Severus, the Temple of Saturn, Titus (Temple of Antoninus Pius) and Faustina.

7. Trevi Fountain

Set in the year 1762 by Nicola Salvi, this is the most famous Baroque fountain in the world that features a fairytale sculpture composition of the god of sea Neptune bounded by the two Tritons. Its location has marked the end of the ancient Aqua Virgo aqueduct and is also named depending on its position at the junction of three roads.

Trevi Fountain was the setting for a historical scene of the film of Fellini ‘Vita’ starring Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg. And since then it is one of the most famous tourist sites in Rome. The myth says that the person who throws a coin in the fountain shall one day come back to Rome.

8. Colosseum

It is another primary tourist place in Rome, and its construction was beginning by the emperor of the Flavian dynasty ‘Vespasian’ in the 72 AD finished with his son Titus in 80 AD.

The elliptically shaped amphitheater could not hold about 50,000 people who then turned to watch the fighter do battle and have fun there. Built in the first century, this structure made of concrete and stone was the biggest amphitheater in the Roman era. Colosseum is also one of the most exceptional architectural and engineering achievements of the Romans.

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Top 8 Places to Visit in Rome

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