13 Best Seeds and Nuts to Fight Diabetes

Not only can diabetic patients eat nuts, but they can also lower the impact of some other health problems that often come with diabetes. Seeds and nuts are the ultimate superfoods for diabetic patients as they help to control the blood sugar levels.

Even the researchers have found that nuts are the best replacement for carbohydrate foods that can enhance glycemic control and blood cholesterol. You will find out for each your health problem. But if you have diabetes, then check out the list of the best food for you to eat.

1. Almonds

This healthy nut is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. As per the researchers from the American University of Medicine, a mulching handful of Almonds (maximum six almonds daily) can treat diabetics by lowering the reduce the level of cholesterol and also make insulin active.

2. Butter Nuts

These white nuts are loaded with the omega-3 fats and monosaturated fats which stop the complications caused due to the type 2 diabetes. Thus, the daily consumption of butternuts makes your skin glow and also boosts your vision.

3. Walnuts

They are the poly and monounsaturated fats which boost the insulin sensitivity in your body. As per the experts, those people who eat the almonds daily tend to have normal or balanced insulin levels.

4. Pista

The primary reason why the blood sugar enhances is the hike in the carbohydrates in the body. But you can lower the carbs level in the blood and also stop them from hiking further by consuming a few Pistas daily.

5. Cashew Nuts

They are low in fact in comparison to other nuts. 75% of the fat that is present in cashews is heart-friendly oleic acid or monounsaturated fat. It is the similar kind of fat which is also present in the olive oil. The Monounsaturated fats lower the levels of high blood fat or triglyceride. Therefore, it fights against the diabetes complications well.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin offers benefits for diabetic patients in different ways, and even the seeds of these fruits are quite beneficial for your health. These seeds are a rich source of C, E, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and fiber. They also help in the insulin production and also lower the stress to stop the complications of diabetes from developing.

7. Linseed

Being rich in fiber, linseed or flaxseed controls the blood sugar levels well and also treats the further complications. So that is why these seeds also called ‘zero sugar food.’

8. Jamun Seeds

Not just Jamum fruit is fantastic for diabetic patients but even it seeds can bring wonders to your health. consumption of These seeds after drying, grounding, and powdering control diabetes. The component ‘jambolin’ present in it helps to manage the blood sugar levels.

9. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seed is the best to control the diabetes consumption as they contain oleic acid, magnesium, copper, sodium, zinc, niacin, thiamine, and carotene which controls cholesterol levels well in your body. Just take one teaspoon fenugreek seed powder and add it in water.

10. Sesame Seeds

Being rich sources of poly and monounsaturated fats and anti-oxidants, everyday consumption of sesame seeds in your diet manages, and also treats the high blood pressure, cancer, and prevent diabetes.

11. Hemp Seeds

These seeds are the most nutritious one in the world and best for people with heart disorders, and cancer. Hemp Seeds have a concentrated balance of essential fats, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes mixed with a relative absence of starches, sugar, and saturated fats. They are the ideal superfood for optimal health.

12. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts (cedar nuts) offer a lot of health benefits by promoting phytochemicals in your body including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid that lower LDL or “bad cholesterol” and hike HDL or “good cholesterol” in your blood. Just sprinkle them on your salad or top of your favorite dessert.

13. Pistachios

They are high in lutein, gamma-tocopherol (vitamin E), beta-carotene, and compared to other nuts. These nutrients hike the blood levels of antioxidants and thus lower oxidized LDL cholesterol in the people with elevated levels. Even lot of researches showed that the diet containing pistachios reduces systolic blood pressure. It also reduces vascular responses to stress in adults having high cholesterol.

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13 Best Seeds and Nuts to Fight Diabetes

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