He Rubs A Zipper Teeth With The Tip Of A Graphite Pencil. You Know Why??

Just put a lemon fruit in the microwave for 20 Seconds. And the Reason is just too simple. Read below to know it.

We have picked up 20 extremely simple life hacks to solve your day to day problems. 

20 Life Hacks

1. Have a Mosquito bite??

Press a hot spoon onto the area bit by a mosquito for one minute. The heat will destroy the reaction and relieve you from the itching.

Life Hacks

2. Leg cramps??

Exhale when your left foot strikes the ground to avoid cramps while running.

Life Hacks-1

3. Want to stop sneezing??

Just press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and it’s gone.

Life Hacks-2

4. If someone presses all the buttons on an elevator??

You can stop going on each floor by pressing each button twice.

Life Hacks-4

5. Want to get rid of a headache??

Take a lime, slice it into halves and gently rub it on your forehead and it’s gone after some time.

Life Hacks-5

6. Wrinkled shirt??

Just throw the shirt in the dryer with some ice cubes for 5 minutes. All the wrinkles are gone.

Life Hacks-6

7. Double the fruit juice with this trick

Microwaving lemons and other fruits for 15 seconds will yield double the juice you would normally get from them.

Life Hacks-7

8. Feeling sleepy??

Just hold your breath as long as you can, and then breathe out slowly. It increases your heart rate and keeps you wake.

Life Hacks-8

9. Have you tried vodka for your hair problems??

If not, just try it out. Adding vodka to your hair will strengthen your hair, stops dandruff and prevent dry scalp.

Life Hacks-9

10. Suffering from flu and cold???

Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents flu and colds.

Life Hacks-10

11. Want to remove those bruises from hands??

Holding a banana peel over a bruise (Mark) for 10 to 30 minutes will remove its color.

Life Hacks-11

12. Want to Keep your pillows fluffy??

Here is the simple trick. Just put the tennis balls with the pillows in the dryer.

Life Hacks-12

13. Are you keeping condoms in your wallet?

If yes, just stop it. Because keeping a condom in your wallet for a longer than a month has 50% chances of breaking out.

Life Hacks-13

14. Green stains on your fingers??

Just put a clear nail paint on the inside of your rings. It will prevent your fingers from those green stains.

Life Hacks-14

15. Carry necklace tangle-free

Put your necklace through a juice straw to keep the chain from jumbling up. It may seem creepy, but it will surely save your time and frustration.

Life Hacks-15

16. Did gum stick into hair?

Use ice cubes to remove chewing gum from the hair. Ice will harden the gum, making it easier to get rid off. You can also use this trick to get rid of gum from the soles of shoes.

Life Hacks-16

17. Stuck up zipper teeth?

Life Hacks-17

Rub stuck zipper teeth with the tip of a graphite pencil along both sides to fix it up.

Life Hacks-18

18. Want to fix the furniture dings??

Just rub a walnut on the damaged furniture, it will fix up those dings.

Life Hacks-19

19. Stressed out??

Eating watermelon can reduce acne breakouts and keep skin healthier.

Life Hacks-20

20. Want to perform better in exams??

Playing with puppies and kittens relieves out stress and can help the students to perform well in exams.

Life Hacks-21


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He Rubs A Zipper Teeth With The Tip Of A Graphite Pencil. You Know Why??

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