16 Superb Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life In Any Natural Disaster

Natural disasters and catastrophes can occur in any size and shape. There are numerous things an individual can do prepare themselves prior catastrophe strikes but what about during or after it hits? So check out some fantastic life hacks that could save your life.

1. If you get lost in the wild jungle, the very first thing you will require is ‘fire.’ So you can light a fire using ice. Just take a piece of ice and make it into a sphere and smooth it with your hands and then use it as a magnifying glass.

2. In case of a flat tire and you don’t have any air compressor available, just cut tiny holes in the sides of the tire and fill them with grass.

Note: You can’t wholly repair it after this, but it could be a short-term alternative that will at least help you to reach home.

3. Besides warming your legs, use nylon stockings as a rope, a filter and bandage to eliminate big particles from the water and other liquids.

4. You can also make a loud whistle form an empty Hackshaw shell casing to warn the rescuers to your exact location.

5. If you get trapped into the woods, you can easily repel them by making a solution of 1 tbsp tea tree oil And 1 tbsp water and then spray it on your pant cuffs, shoes, and socks.

6. To eliminate ticks, take a cotton ball and soak in the liquid hand soap and put it over them.

7. In case you don’t have the proper batteries for essential devices like as flashlight or radio, you can even use shorter batteries by balling up aluminum foil and fill it in the gap in the battery compartment.

8. You can even make a screen for your car windows using mesh, duct tape, and magnets. By making this, you can enjoy the open windows with no bugs.

9. To prevent your matchstick from getting wet, keep it inside your flashlight.

10. In case you get trapped under an avalanche, spit as it can save your life. Immediately when you stop moving, create a space in the front of your mouth and spit in the air pocket and ensure where the gravity carries your saliva and then begin digging in the opposite direction.

10. When you get lost in chilled snowy terrain, avoid eating snow to keep yourself hydrating as it may result in hypothermia. Rather than just melt the snow first and then consume it.

11. When a quake is about to strike the region, curl up in the ‘fetal’ position (pregnancy) because this will allow you to survive in such a tiny space. And try to put yourself next to a big sized object like as sofa that will leave some room for you when pressed.

12. During earthquakes, just run towards the wooden buildings as they are considered to be safest than the other ones. When the woods came down, they make a survival space as compared to the buildings that can easily break into the individual bricks.

13. If you get lost somewhere, you can use your watch as a compass. For this, align the hour hand with the sun into the northern hemisphere and the point halfway between the number 12 and hour hand will be south and in the southern hemisphere, just align the number 12 with the sun.

14. When a tornado is reaching, don’t try to outdrive it. Rather than just take a moment to observe it and try to identify its exact path. Once you know where it is going, drive in the opposite direction.

15. During a tornado, just avoid taking shelter under a bridge or any other traffic structure as they may collapse. Rather than just drive to the closest safe place or if you can’t do this, just pull over and buckle your seat belt and shut down all the windows and safeguard your head.

16. To create a makeshift raft, just lay out a tarp and put few lightweight materials like bark, plastic bottle or tree branches, etc. in it and cover the ends and bind up the whole thing using a rope. Before setting out into the deep sea, test it so that it can hold the weight.

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16 Superb Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life In Any Natural Disaster

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