Top 5 Tricks For Passionate Facebook Users

Check out some codes and features that most Facebook users are not aware of.

1. Post to Facebook through SMS

Have you ever wondered to post anything on Facebook but without installing an app or without internet? You can post feed whenever you like by sending SMS messages. And for this, you need a smartphone as the simple phone can do that.

So for this, you need to log in to your Facebook account via desktop browser and then go to settings > mobile> add another phone number if you have not registered any phone number to your account.

After choosing a wireless carrier, then click next and then send SMS of “F” to 32665. After getting a confirmation code, just type your status in the pop-up box on Facebook. For privacy reasons, deselect the ‘Allow friends to text me on Facebook’ and ‘Share my phone number with my friends.’

Here are a few useful commands that you can SMS to Facebook if you want to use Facebook via SMS:

OTP: Get a one-time password for FB in case you lost your password.
START: For Facebook updates start getting text notifications.
STOP: Switch off text notifications for the updates on Facebook.
HELP: To get any assistance via SMS-to-Facebook

2. Make your Facebook profile a Pirate’s page

Facebook allows you to turn your pages into any language. So first you need to log in and then Settings > language. There are numerous languages available to you, and there is also an English Pirate option.

3. Upside Down Facebook

If you are using Facebook for a long time, then you have seen someone have upside-down Facebook prank. It is just same as the old keyboard trick where you can run over to someone’s computers and press Ctrl + Alt + Down to rotate the computer screen upside down.

You can do the same thing on Facebook by choosing upside down language under someone’s Facebook account. And this happened if someone has accidentally set Facebook to auto-login on a specific browser. So just go to language settings and then choose upside down the language. I am sure this will be more fun.

4. Download Entire Photo Collections for the Profiles of your Friends

If you have many friends, so you have enough time to watch out the recent photos they have posted, but interestingly you can store in your private photo collection and review it later on. Let me tell you it is not a simple task as most Chrome plugins are mainly for this purpose years ago and the one works well is Download Album.

And after downloading you can just go to the extension icon and click on the Normal button. It will show a pop up of all pictures that are downloading. It will open a new tab from where the downloaded image is shown. You can click on any photo and enlarge it or just follow the instructions displayed on the page to save all your collection.

Just ‘Ctrl +S’ if you want to download all the pictures at once. There is another chrome plugin ‘Falken Batch Download Image.’ when you click on this icon, it will show a pop-up window and click ‘This tan’ form the picture gallery above, and it will download all photos from their links automatically.

And if you want full-size resolution pictures, return to the Facebook page where all the album pictures are displayed and use Falken downloader to download all images at once. Whichever option you select, it will save a lot of time.

5. Schedule Facebook Status Updates

Want to keep your Facebook profile active while being offline for many days? You can quickly do this with a blend of IFTTT and Boomerang to schedule your tailored status updates on Facebook.

For this, you need to create an IFTTT applet depending upon the IFTTT mail trigger. Select the ‘Send IFTTT an email tagged trigger’ option and make a tag like ‘#myfacebook” and create trigger> Facebook action. You can either pick to send a link message or static status message to your next email.

And then send email to [email protected] with a subject line of #myfacebook, and IFTTT w will transfer along the body of your next email as a new post on your Facebook wall. For this, you don’t have to email and send when you desire them to post to Fb.thats when Boomerang comes to rescue. If you have not already registered, just sign up free of cost Boomerang for Gmail account. After installing Boomerang, begin typing your daily posts. Just remember not to forget including #myfacebook on the subject.

You can also tailor it as per your need via a setting option. Just click on ‘Boomerang this’ checkbox and then set date as well as time. Click ‘send later’ button to end. So write up multiple posts and schedule them.

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Top 5 Tricks For Passionate Facebook Users

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