Transform An Old Outfit Into A Sexy One With These 18 DIY Dress Hacks!!

You know what is the best part of the summer season? Well, you can wear trendy dresses daily in every week and show off your skin.

If you are bored of your prevailing dresses, then it’s time to transform them into a new look.


1. DIY Your Jean Shorts This Summer

You will need:

a) Spray paint (any color)
b) Super glue or a glue gun
c) Pliers
d) 2 necklaces
e) A pair of shorts

Dress Hacks-7

2. Create Hot Summer classy Cutouts

You will need:

a) Printable templates (triangles, waves, and flower)
b) Contrasting color pen
c) Cutting board
d) Fabric scissors
e) Metal ruler
f) Xacto knife
g) Black cotton garments (tunic, t-shirt or dress)

Dress Hacks


Download and print the templates like flower, waves, and triangles according to your need. The process will be the same for all the three patterns.

Dress Hacks-1

a) Use a metal ruler and Xacto knife to cut these out.
b) Onto your shirt, trace your stencil using a pen.
c) Then, to seal each shape stretch your fabric.

Dress Hacks-2

3. Single Front Top DIY 

Dress Hacks-5

You will need
a) Needle
b) Scissors
c) A piece of cloth at least 50*50cm (1,54m)

Dress Hacks-3

Dress Hacks-4

4. D.I.Y Caged Top tutorial 


Dress Hacks-8

5. Make a Perfect Summer free Look

Dress Hacks-9

6. Lace Up Corset Tee DIY 


Dress Hacks-107. Macramé Tank Top DIY 

Dress Hacks-11

8. Skater Skirt DIY 

Dress Hacks-12

9.  Fringe top DIY

Dress Hacks-14

10. Wrap Dress

There are many options you can have with this dress. Follow this simple tutorial for step-by-step.

Dress Hacks-15

11. Circle knit top tutorial

Dress Hacks-16

12. DIY Neoprene Bralet with Braided Racer Back

Dress Hacks-17


Dress Hacks-19

13. Convertible Wrap Dress Tutorial

Dress Hacks-18

14. DIY Trapeze Cross- back top

Dress Hacks-20Dress Hacks-21

15. Side Tied Shirt DIY

Things you need

a) T-shirt
b) Scissors

Dress Hacks-22


a) Fold the t-shirt in half.
b) Measure nearly 2 inches down under the arm for the first point.
c) Measure down every 4 inches and make a dot.
d) In the middle of each 4 inches (2 inches), Measure in 3 and 1/2 inches, make a dot.

Dress Hacks-23

e) Cut out the 4 triangles.
f) Lastly, tie the points of the triangles.

16. Side and Shoulder Tied Shirt

You will need:

a) T-Shirt
b) Scissors
c) Chalk
d) Ruler


Dress Hacks-24


a) Place the shirt on a flat surface.
b) Make a diagonal line from under the arm to the top of the collar.
c) Now, make a zig zag at the top of the shoulder.
d) Mark the side of the shirt every 4 inches.
e) Halfway in between your 4 inches: measure in horizontally 3 inches: Make a dot.
f) Make a zig zag with your chalk and cut it out.
g) Lastly, tie the points together.

17. Back tied t-shirt

Things You Need

a) Scissors
b) Chalk
c) Tee Shirt
d) Ruler

Dress Hacks-26


a) Firstly, cut off the collar
b) Fold the shirt in half and mark 5 dots on the back part of the shirt at 4 inches apart.
c) Cut a triangle between each dot.
d) Lastly, tie the points together.

18. DIY Fishtail Skirt

You will need:

a) Skirt
b) Needle and thread
c) A pair of scissors
d) An iron

Dress Hacks-27


a) Put your skirt on and mark where you want the shortest part to be.

b) Fold the skirt in half down the front middle of the skirt so rather than the back and front lying against each other.

Note: Make sure the fold is directly in the middle of the front of the skirt.

c) Place the skirt on the floor and cut out the front of the skirt.

Note: You will get a semi straight line for the first 30cm, then reducing down to the back and bottom of the skirt.

Dress Hacks-28

d) Try the skirt on to see if the cut out is huge enough.

e) Once you have made a cut out that you like, fold over the skirt’s edge and iron.

f) Fold it twice so that the rough edge is covered as per your wish.

g) Finally, sew a small stitch all the way around the edge.

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Transform An Old Outfit Into A Sexy One With These 18 DIY Dress Hacks!!

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