4 Best Bohemian Hairstyles That Turn Heads

Bohemian hairstyles are worth mastering as they are pretty, wild and creative too. Plus, they don’t need much time and effort while creating. They are excellent for those girls who want to look remarkable. So, check out the list of easy bohemian hairstyles.

1. Triple-Braided Tieback

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Rat-tail comb
c) 6 tiny hair rubber bands
d) Hairspray (optional)
e) 5 clips

Time Needed: 10 minutes


a) Start by partitioning your hair down the middle of your head.
b) Part each hair section into three tiny sections (total 6).
Note: Make all the sections as same as possible.

c) Set five sections on the top of your head and fix it with a hair clip.
d) Braid all six parts and just ask your daughter to hold them or set it using elastics.
Note: Ensure that your braid falls down the head towards the shoulder.
f) Choose the top twist on either side and pull them back to the center of your head and set it using the hair elastics. Pull out any other rubber bands that were holding the ends of braids and make them fall freely.
g) Select up the middle braid on either side, and the ponytail of hair is falling from the first braid and set all of them together nearly 1 inch lower. Eliminate any extra rubber bands and allow the hair to fall freely.
h) Pick the bottom braid on either side plus the ponytail of hair falling from the first and second twist and set them 1 inch lower. Eliminate any extra elastics and set hairs free.
i) Add ribbon as needed.

2. Bohemian Fishtail Braid

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) 1 big alligator clip
c) 1 big hair band
d) Hairspray
e) Hair accessory (optional)

Time Needed: 5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium

3. Boho Lace Tieback

You Will Need:

a) hairbrush
b) 1 or 3 hair rubber bands
c) 1 alligator clip
d) Hairspray
e) Hair accessory (optional)

Time Needed: 4 to 5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium


a) Start by dividing your hair down the middle of the head.
b) Move your head up the partition line nearly 3 inches from the forehead and choose a small hair strand.
c) Divide this hair section into three short and even stand and start making a simple braid stitch.
d) After your first stitch, start adding the hair only to the hair strand on the side closer to the partition line.
e) Continue braiding along the part towards your face till you reach your forehead.
f) Turn the braid in such a way that it follows your hairline down towards your ear.
g) Now, add the hairs into the braid from the front side.
h) Continue branding till you are nearly 2 to 3 inches about the ear.
i) Stop adding the hairs and continue to braid the rest of hair into a simple braid.
j) Fix the twist with rubber bands and clip the braid out of the way with an alligator clip
k) Repeat the steps 3 to 8 on another side of the head.
l) After your second braid completes, wrap both the braids around your neck and fix them with elastics.
m) Add hairspray or accessory as needed.

4. Faux Fishtail Braid


a) Partition your hair on the right side and choose a hair section on the heavy side of the part.
b) Wrap it with a rubber band and make a topsy tail by creating a gap above the rubber band and flip the tail up an through the gap, then pull it down tight.
c) Loosen out the hairs of topsy tail gently.
d) Choose a new hair section below the first topsy tail and tie it with another rubber band.
e) Make a second topsy tail by flipping the hair via the gap and pull it tight again
f) Bring the hair around from the right side of the head and make two more topsy tails from the remaining strands.
g) Take hair section from the ponytail and wrap it around the last rubber band.
h) Wrap a new rubber band over the tail and pull it tight.
i) End by spraying the hairspray.

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4 Best Bohemian Hairstyles That Turn Heads

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