Here’s Why Salman Khan Eliminated Condom Ad Out Of BBB1 House

A condom ad undoubtedly creates awareness related to the safe sex, but Actor Salman felt that these standees too hot to handle for kids.

But recently, Khan believes that the sexually arousing ads inside the Bigg Boss house are not suitable for the kids mainly who watch his famous reality show.

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Films starring Salman Khan possess no intimate scenes…

You won’t find any kiss or intimate scenes in Salaman’s films, and this is the main reason why his movies are great family fun. And not just the films, even his TV shows are clean too.

Superstar felt condom ad standees as inappropriate

As per the report from, Salman Khan asked the filmmakers of Bigg Boss season 11 to eliminate Bipasha Basu and actor Karan Singh Grover’s condom ad from the BB house. Moreover, the show broadcasters agreed to this and had no problem with his advise.

BB11 House-3

But sadly the audience have faced the filthy conversation between a couple this season. Not that the BB house hadn’t been a ‘love point’ for ex-contenders who found their soulmate on the show previously, but Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra have crossed all the limits when it comes to expressing their inner feelings for each other.

BB11 House-1

The hunk suggests the couple from doing intimate scenes on screen and maintains a decency on national TV. The families and especially the little children have been watching this show, and therefore, the actor doesn’t want to embarrass them. He even told that it’s not the right place for sex ad standees.BB11 House

Apart from this, the romance between Bandgi and Puneesh, the public have been buzzing about their sexual orientation, their selection of clothing and much more. In fact, they have shamelessly encountered for body shaming.

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Here’s Why Salman Khan Eliminated Condom Ad Out Of BBB1 House

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