Top 25 Best Home Remedies Of Bael Recommended By Ayurveda!!

Wood Apple is also known as ‘Bael’. It was first originated in India however, it is presently found throughout the Southeast Asia.

It is the most sacred fruit in India used from ancient times (since 2000 BC) as a medicine.


Every part of this fruit i.e tree, root, seeds and leaves are very useful to treat various disorders like acidity, epilepsy, typhoid, myalgia, malaria, indigestion, leprosy, and etc

Raw fruit extract helps to treat piles, ear disorders, vitiligo, anemia and eye problems. Check out the best home remedies.


1. Cures Indigestion and Constipation

Wood apple relieves from indigestion and constipation if consumed regularly with jaggery for 2 to 3 months. Note: It should not be more than a cup.


Tip 1: Take fresh Bael leaves juice (25 to 50 ml) mixed with sugar can treat constipation and stomach pain among kids.

Tip 2: In Bael fruit pulp, add enough black pepper and salt powder.

2. Treats Diarrhoea

Tip 1: Take Bael powder with warm water twice a day.

Tip 2: For Chronic Diarrhoea, prepare Bael powder from its fruit pulp (after drying) and consume it.


3. For Skin Itching And Food Allergies


a) Mix fresh Bael leaves with ajwain seeds along with salt.

b) Eat the paste.


4. Treats Swelling 

Oil inside the Bael leaves will sink into skin to treats swelling at few limbs or joints.


a) Make its leaves paste and apply them to the swollen areas.


5. Control Diabetes

Tip: Extract Feronia Gum from its bark and eat it.


6. Manages Hypertension

Tip: Drink its leaves juice (boil dried bael leaves in water).


7. Provides Relief From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tip: Take its powder with a glass of warm water or buttermilk twice a day.


8. Cure Tuberculosis

Tip: Eating Bael regularly during the night by mixing with honey and sugar.


9. Benefits of Bael for Women

a) Enhances Breast Milk Production

It boosts the production of breast milk among lactating mother who needs excess milk for their infants.

Tip: Mix wood apple pulp juice with jaggery and dry ginger powder.


b) Protects from Breast Cancer

Tip: Eat wood apple daily.

c) Regularizes Progesterone Hormone

It maintains the secretion of progesterone hormone and treats the deficiency of it.

Tip 1: Eat this fruit chutney.

Tip 2: Consume its raita (pulp mixed with curd).


d) Regulates Menstruation

Wood apple provides relief from the pain, excess bleeding and other symptoms during menstruation.

e) Relieves Morning Sickness during pregnancy

Tip: Eating the pulp of raw Bael with the sugar.


10. Relieves Joint Pain

Tip: Apply the paste of bael leaves to the affected areas.


11. Cures Snake Bite And Malaria

Wood apple treats snakes bite and protects from malaria.

Tip: Apply the pulp of its bark, fruit or root to the affected area.


12. Relieves From A Severe Headache

Tip: Apply the paste of dried bael roots with water on the forehead.


13. Cures Urticaria

It helps in curing a skin problem known as urticaria.

Tip: Drink the mixture of cumin, bay leaf juice, bael juice twice a day.


14. Cures Jaundice

Tip: Consume the mixture of bael leaf extract, honey, and black pepper.


15. Protects From Heart Diseases

It will help in protecting you from the heart diseases such as stroke heart attack etc.

Tip: Add Bael juice with desi ghee to your regular diet plan.


16. Removes Excess Heat From Body


a) Extract juice from the wood apple pulp and boil it.

b) Drink this juice before lunch or dinner.


17. Treats Bone Fractures

Tip: Apply the mixture of raw Bael powder, turmeric, and ghee to the fractured bones.


18. Treats Skin Problems

It tones up the skin and makes it free from the wrinkles and acne as well.

Tip: Apply the mixture of bael fruit powder, honey, and dates on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes.


19. Removes Dandruff

If you use this tip on every day, it will provide relief from dandruff.

Tip: Massage your scalp with the coconut oil having Bael peel extract daily by heating it in coconut oil.


20. Prevents From Scurvy

Regular consumption of this fruit will help in preventing from the scurvy disease.


21. Control Excessive Thirst

Tip: Mix honey with wood apple pulp and eat to in summer. It also removes excess stomach gas formation. This mixture applied on the tongue will cure mouth ulcers too.


22. Get Rid Of Tiredness

Tip: Mix jaggery with wood apple pulp and eat to get rid of fatigue and gain new energy.


23. Enhances Appetite

Tip: Consume Bael leaves powder continuously for some days.


24. Keep Kidneys Clean

Tip: Consume Bael fruit daily.


25. Natural Blood Cleanser

Tip: Mix 50 gms of wood apple pulp juice with equal amount of warm water and sufficient honey and consume it.



Bael murabba is very useful for the health and can be eaten in any season. It helps in treating diseases like acidity, dysentery, diarrhea and other digestive problems.



a) Make the slices of Bael fruit and de-seed it.

b) Make thick sugar syrup and add Bael slices with a pinch of salt and cardamom powder.

c) Cook for some time and let it mix properly.

d) It can be refrigerated in the bottle after it cools down properly.

Note: Prepare it safely and store at a safe place to preserve it for months.



a) Relieves Inflammation
b) Prevents Liver Disorders
c) Reduces Side Effects of Radiotherapy
d) Manages Blood Cholesterol Level
e) Maintains Blood Pressure
f) Regulates Thyroid Hormone Secretion
g) Destroys Harmful Intestinal Worms
h) Enhances Immune Power
i) Prevents from Chronic Respiratory Problems
j) Prevents from Infection

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Top 25 Best Home Remedies Of Bael Recommended By Ayurveda!!

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