50,000 Reward: Babbu Maan’s Maruti 800 Gets Stolen | Made Special Request To Thieves!!

Yesterday Babbu Maan’s white Maruti 800, No. DL2C1674 got stolen and that too from outside his office!

The only great Punjabi singer who sings his own lyrics in his own great music, Babbu Maan was recently in news for his ill-health but now there’s big news that’s got him upset.

Babbu Maan, Babbu Maan’s Maruti 800


Babbu Maan is generally popular for his unique music and lyrics. He is one of the Punjabi singers who has given a new trend to Bhangra Music.

Yesterday Mann posted a very depressing post on his official facebook account, where he has described the details of his stolen car.

In his post, he mentioned that he lost his white Maruti 800 car with the plate number DL 2C 1674 yesterday afternoon. He also informed that there were three to four thieves involved in this matter.

white maruti 800


According to the Pollywood singer, the market price of the car won’t be more than 10,00 to 12,000 rupees. But the singer made a special request that if any of his fans that he will give them 50,000 cash in hand if the thieves return it to him.

The singer Babbu Maan is willing to give such a big amount of money because he has a lot of memories attached to his Maruti car, his father also used to drive the same car.

He has also requested the thief to come to his place and return the car and take the 50,000 cash.

He shared this disheartening news on his social media and even pleaded to the thief that this Maruti 800 holds a special place in his life.

He also wrote that the car’s market price is way lower than it’s emotional value and if the thief is they are ready to give then Babbu Maan is ready to offer him for the car.

Maan has appealed that if anybody finds out about the location of his car then he/she should immediately contact them at number 9815122888 or they’re invited to drop into Babbu Maan’s office.

He is also ready to offer them a reward for real information.

READ HIS POST HERE( About stolen Maruti 800):



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50,000 Reward: Babbu Maan’s Maruti 800 Gets Stolen | Made Special Request To Thieves!!

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