21 Awesome DIY Car Hacks That Really Work To Make Your Life Much Easier!!

Do you have foggy headlights or do your car get stuck in snow?? Then, make your life much simpler with these amazing car tips and tricks. Check out these 22 car hacks.


1. Clean foggy headlights? 

Tip: Use Toothpaste.

Apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and properly rub it in all over the lens. Then wash off completely with clean water and dry.

Car Hacks

2. Got a hole in your fuel tank? 

Tip: Use minties as a temporary fix

For this, chew the mintie until it sticks to your teeth and further to flatten it out. With a cloth, wipe out the area around the leak until it is as dry as possible and then apply the mintie on it.

Car Hacks-1

3. Find it difficult to get keys on a key ring?? 

Tip: Use a staple remover.

Do your fingers and finger nails tear up while trying to put or pull a key on a key ring? For this, put the teeth of the staple remover in between the two key rings, then press down and separate them. Voila, it actually works.

Car Hacks-2

4. Picked up pizza for dinner?

Tip: Use seat warmer to keep it hot.

No cold pizza for dinner after using this. If you’re ever picking up pizza then try to turn the seat warmer on.

Car Hacks-11

5. Always get lost?

Tip: Get a GPS and use less fuel!

It is generally known that if you don’t install a GPS then more fuel is used and you’re more possibly to get lost. Get a GPS and save fuel.

Car Hacks-12

6. Always forget where your car is parked?

Tip: Try iParkedHere app.

Car Hacks-3

If you often forget where your car is parked then you can easily locate it with your phone. just install “iParkedHere” that helps you to input where your car is in an indoor parking lot or outdoor. 

Car Hacks-5

7. Frozen car door locks in the winter??

Tip: Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer

The car door lock could be seized due to moisture within it freezing overnight during winter.

Car Hacks-7

The heavy alcohol in an alcohol-based hand sanitizer breaks down ice very well and the spray bottles are easy to inject the sanitizer into the lock to work.

8. Is your car too far away to unlock?

Tip: Hold car remote using your head.

Car Hacks-23

One way to boost the range of your car remote is to hold it underneath your chin. It may sound crazy but it really works.

Car Hacks-10

9. Remove registration stickers

Tip: Get wet newspaper.

Use warm water and put the newspaper of the sticker for about 10 minutes. It will falls off easliy as the water penetrates the sticker.

Car Hacks-13

10. Going on a road trips or family vacation??

Tip: Mount your phone to the car seat in front of you with the help of zip lock bag.

Car Hacks-14

11. Trapped underwater??

Tip: If you ever gets trapped underwater in your car, use your headrest to break the window of your car.

Car Hacks-15

12. Pumping gas hack

Tip: When filling your tank, hold the trigger halfway. You will get more gas and less air in the tank.

Car Hacks-9

13. Road sick??

Tip: If you get a road sick, tilt your head to the one side and believe me it will go away.

Car Hacks-16

14. Want to prevent car windows from fogging??

Tip: Cut a clean potato in half and rub it on the inside of the car window and leave it to dry.

Car Hacks-17

15. Going somewhere in coldest region??

Tip: Use cooking spray

To prevent the doors from freezing, coat all the rubbers on the inside of your car doors with the cooking spray and then wipe it down.

Car Hacks-18

16. Stuck in snow or mud??

Tip: Use floormats

Use floormats inside your car for grip when stuck in snow/mud.

Car Hacks-19

17. Want to cool down a car without a/c while driving??

Tip: Only open the paseenger and driver windows. Keep the back windows closed. The breeze will be a lot stronger.

Car Hacks-20

18. Driving unknown’s car and confused which side the gas tank is on??

Tip: If you are driving an unknown’s car, the arrow next to the gas pump shows the gas tank is on to which side of the car.

Car Hacks-21

19. Don’t have a phone holder??

Tip: Use a rubberband.

Car Hacks-8

20. Want to cool a hot car in seconds??

Tip: Open one window completely, then go to the other side and open and close the door many times.

Car Hacks-22

21. Seeking for the best place to hide extra car key??

Car Hacks-6

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21 Awesome DIY Car Hacks That Really Work To Make Your Life Much Easier!!

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