Amazon Will Now Let You Try Clothes Before Buying

Buying clothes is one of the hardest decision ever. Now after the age of e-commerce definitely many people shifted to their but there are many problems which are still faced by customers like what type of fabric I will get, will it fit my body,  different color and much more. Today we are going to share a news which overcomes all these problems.

If you are buying products from Amazon then here is a surprise for you. Recently Amazon announced that you can now try the clothes before buying.

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If you are thinking what is the difference because currently, you are doing the same. But here is the catch currently you order something if it doesn’t meet your expectation then you return it but don’t, as usual, it takes 15-20 days.

E-commerce giant Amazon announced that now you can order 3 to 15 items in a single order and need to pay what you pick. Amazon will not charge you for extra items.

Pay only for items which you keep. You can return then items which you don’t like in a resealable box. This box contains a preprinted shipping label.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

This amazing service is called Amazon Prime Wardrobe and exclusively available for Amazon Prime members. If you are currently not an Amazon Prime member then immediately be the one.

You need to pay just $99 a year. This will be more if you are not a shopaholic but if you are a shopaholic then Amazon Prime is for you.

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There are many amazing features you will get when you become Amazon Prime members like shipping with no extra charge, free streaming video service and more.

Right now it is very hard to say that how this new service will make any difference. Tell us would you like such service or not. Tell if you want some more feature which any e-commerce website should have.

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Amazon Will Now Let You Try Clothes Before Buying

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