12 Uses of Aluminum Foil That Will Save Your Time

Besides storing food and cooking uses, there are plenty of other strange applications of aluminum foil that you are unaware. Check out some of the great tricks that will help you to save time and money.

1. Cleanse Pans and Pots

Aluminum foil is an excellent replacement for steel wool. Being abrasive, you can quickly get rid of grime and dirt on your pan and pots by just making a tiny piece of ball form it and rub it along the surface. And then clean it with water. It will look as new.

2. Easily Move Furniture

Aluminum foil is a simple trick when it came to rearranging your furniture without any efforts. Just fold a few aluminum foil sheets in half and out the dull side down under the furniture legs. Its dull side slides better than its other side and allows you to glide even better across a hard floor without any heavy lifting.

3. Get your Clothing Free from Wrinkles

Yes, aluminum foil can also be used to iron your clothes and that too more speedily. The heat from the iron gets quickly absorbed into the board, allowing you to make few passes over a portion to eliminate wrinkles. To do this, just put a long piece of it under your iron board silver. So this foil will help you to reflect heat back via apparel, thereby smoothing the wrinkles from it faster.

4. Sharpen Scissors

It is the best tip and the cheapest alternative to sharpening your dull scissors. Just cut the aluminum foil into pieces using your blunt scissors. After making a few cuts, it will act like a new one.

5. Keep your Silverware Spotless

You may have seen that silver gets tarnished with time. So you can easily prevent this using aluminum foil. Just rub your silver with a small piece of foil for short-term storage. For permanent storage, tightly cover every piece of silverware in a plastic cover and just make sure that you free all the air out of it. Then wrap it in aluminum foil and seal out the ends.

6. Boost Radiator Frequency

Just attain extra heat out of your old radiators without even paying more for your oil or gas charges. The wall behind the radiator usually absorbs radiant heat. This tip will prevent this from occurring. Just you need to tape a large aluminum foil to a cardboard piece with shiny side in front to make a heat reflector to put it behind the radiators. The heat waves rebound foil and into the room.

7. Leave your Mirror Flawless

Make your mirror free form any spots using aluminum foil. Just put a tiny piece of foil on the back of your mirror glass or to the frame using masking tape. It should be placed on the shiny side facing out. Avoid taping this to the mirror.

8. Protect your Brown Sugar from Making Lumps

Brown sugar gets full of lumps with the passage of time. But using aluminum foil, you can quickly soften it in over. Just wrap a piece of brown sugar in foil and then put it in oven for only 5 minutes at 300 Fahrenheit temperature.

9. Oven Cleaner

Just safeguard your oven from spills by just placing a few pieces of foil under the floor of your oven. Avoid putting it on the actual floor of the oven. Scrub it till you get out of grease. You can make a soiled foil and the recycle it.

10. Get Rid of Birds in Garden

Many birds are frightened of shiny things. So if you hang a foil form your fruit tree with scary eyes drawn, the pests and birds will move out there out of terror. Use as Wi-Fi parabolic signal booster.

11. Use as Wi-Fi Parabolic Signal Booster

You can watch HD videos in excellent Wi-Fi range using aluminum foil. Just you need to fold some foil into a parabolic dish to increase your Wi-Fi signal from your router.

12. Lifting Cooking Apparatus

You can also use foil for lifting your hot pressure cooker, warm bowls, and slippery surfaces. It helps you to get rid of danger in your kitchen while cooking. It is a safe and secure way to lift them without causing any injury to your body. Just cut a foil extra 8 inches to the size of your bowl and fold it lengthwise 2 or 3 times from more power. Now wrap it around the handle and lift them quickly.

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12 Uses of Aluminum Foil That Will Save Your Time

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