Guess Who Is This Nose Pierced Celeb With Sushant Singh Rajput??

Actor Aamir Khan gets his nose pierced recently. Is it for his role in the upcoming film “Thugs of Hindostan” that also features Amitabh Bachchan?? Let’s find out.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput shared a picture Tuesday afternoon with 52-year-old star Aamir Khan on Instagram where Aamir is seen wearing a small stud on his nose.

Aamir Khan Nose peirced, kriti-sanon-bagged-aamir-khan-big-b-starrer-thugs-hindostan-0001

After surprising his fans with his physical transformation in “Dangal” and other previous hit films, Aamir Khan has now got his nose pierced for “Thugs of Hindostan”.

Aamir Khan nose piercing-4, Aamir Khan Nose peirced

Online fans are going crazy over his new transformation and rumors claim this might be for his next film, “Thugs of Hindostan”.

Aamir Khan nose piercing-3 Aamir Khan Nose peirced

Though it is not the first time Aamir Khan underwent drastic physical changes in his looks for a role. Earlier, also we have seen him with amazing transformation in her looks and body in the movies like Dhoom 3 (2013), Ghajini (2008 ), and Dangal (2016) etc.

Aamir Khan’s New Look For “THUGS OF HINDOSTAN”

Aamir Khan's New Look For THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, Aamir Khan Nose peirced

For Dangal, the actor Aamir put on around 25kg and also lost a lot of extra weight for playing a younger wrestler in the film.

Aamir Khan will start the shooting for “Thugs Of Hindostan” in the month of June, which is almost a month from now.

aamir-khan-thugs, Aamir Khan Nose peirced

The leading actress of “Thugs of Hindostan” is yet to be confirmed. Talks were on the actress Shraddha Kapoor and Kriti Sanon, who has given a few look tests already, has been finalized for the character.

Aamir Khan's For THUGS OF HINDOSTAN-1, Aamir Khan Nose peirced

However, the Kapoor girl, today busted the rumors of being a playing a role in Thugs.

Here, check out Sushant’s post below:

And when you meet 'Inspiration' in the process !! #aamirkhan #perfectionist

A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on

King of Many Avatars:

Let’s check out Aamir Khan’s Earlier transformations.

1. PK: Nude look


2. Ghajini avatar: Six abs


3. Dangal: 97 kgs to six packs


4. 3 Idiots: College student

3 idiots

Which look is much better?? 

Do you like Aamir Khan’s Nose Piercing?? Drop your opinions in the comments section below?

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Guess Who Is This Nose Pierced Celeb With Sushant Singh Rajput??

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