7 Best Rose Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2019

The festivity season has started, and the elegant hairstyles are must for it. So, just check out the Rosette tutorials for a super simple and beautiful look this Valentine’s Day.

1. Rosette Tieback

This pretty Rosette Tieback is a Bohemian hairstyle ideal for the boho, festival, summer, and fun. So, check out the tutorial for this super simple style.

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Spray bottle
c) Rat-tail comb
d) 2 tiny hair rubber bands
e) Hairspray (optional)
f) 4 to 5 bobby pins

Time Needed: 5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium


a) Curl your hair to add more thickness and texture.
b) Divide your hair down the center.
c) Select the two hair pieces from the front of the head. You have to choose two parts and then two more below them. Then, set it with a tiny rubber band at the bottom of the neck.
d) Pull back and tuck down the first two hair pieces inside of your tieback.
e) Select your tieback and start a regular three strand braid all down the hairs.
f) Return and pancake the outside of one side of your twist.
g) Start rolling up your braid from the base in the opposite direction from the side you pancaked.
h) Do this till your flower sits perfectly over your tieback elastic.
i) Set the flower in its position using the bobby pins.
j) End your style with hairspray.

Watch Video Here:

2. Hair Made Rose

It is a cute prom hairstyle for long hair.

3. Romantic Side Swept Braided Rose

It is the pretty style mainly for a wedding, Valentine’s Day, communions, recitals, date night, church, prom, homecoming, etc. In fact, this glamorous braided rose is the best for the brides and bridesmaids. This style is also ideal for all ages and also for formal events.

You Will Need:

a) Bobby pins
b) 2 tiny rubber bands
c) Curlers and rollers


Firstly begin with curling wand curls and after braiding French lace headband atop of your hair, wrap the ends of braid all over and under the hair to keep the curls included and also put to the side of the twist. At last, add the braided rosette accent to one side. For more details, watch the tutorial.

4. Hair Made Rose Updo

This tutorial is the best wedding hairstyle for long hair.

5. DIY Updo Lace Braid Rose Hairstyle

It is a beautiful Braided Updo featuring Braided Roses. This style is best for many special occasions.

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

You Will Need:

a) Two tiny hair rubber bands
b) 1 medium sized rubber band
c) Bobby pins
d) Hairbrush
e) Two hair clips
f) Lacquer


a) Firstly, comb your hair and then take a hair section on the right-hand half of the head to make a braid in the usual way.
b) After reaching the end of the twist, set it using a rubber band.
c) Do the same on the right-hand side also and again secure it using the elastic band.
d) Hold the braid on the right side of your head and roll it to make a rose effect.
e) Set it using the bobby pins and then repeat the same on another side.
f) You can braid the remaining hairs and fix it in its exact location or style it as you like.

6. Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle

Check out the adorable Dutch braids with a rosette accent braid. Dutch Braid Rose is the ideal style for the summer wedding, Prom, Homecoming, bridesmaids, wedding guests, etc. Moreover, this branding seems complex, but its design is not much more than two inverse braids. If you Dutch braid, this one is simple for you. And at last, the rose is set higher on the head.

You Will Need:

a) Few bobby pins
b) 2 tiny rubber bands
c) Hair wax, pomade, or gel

7. Braided Headband into a Rose

This fantastic headband hairstyle is trendy and is famous amongst all the teens today. It is simple to create and can be made with a regular French Braid or Reverse Dutch Braid depending on how you want to look. In fact, you can also style headband in plenty of ways. You can leave braid hanging on one side or just roll it up to make a super cute rosette and set it using bobby pins.

Time Needed: 5 to 7 minutes
Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) Hairbrush
c) Spray bottle
d) 1 big rubber band
e) Hairspray
f) 1 tiny rubber bad
g) 2 to 3 bobby pins
h) Accessories (optional)

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7 Best Rose Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2019

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