6 Best DIY Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Spread festive cheer with amazing DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can give it to your loved ones. They are not only outstanding but also cost you less.

1. Create own signature perfume

Just take two hits and place a liner in each of them.

You Will Need:

a) 1 and 1/2 tsp jojoba oil
b) 25 drops of essential oil (lavender or rose)
c) 3/4 tsp of grated beeswax
c) Small glass bowl


a) Combine jojoba oil and essential oil of your choice in a glass.
b) Now keep to one side.
c) Melt beeswax on a low flame in a glass bowl over a double boiler for neraly5 to 10 seconds
d) Remove it from heat and stir this mixture well.
e) Reheat it for another 10 seconds.
f) Transfer this into compacts and cool it down entirely.

2. Snow Globe Cookie Jar

Just replace your old tin and add cookies in an airtight container.

a) Make tiny white dots outside 1.6-quart hermetic storage jar using a fine tip brush and paint.
b) Now fill the jar with few snowball cookies.
c) Put some plastic trinkets inside it.
d) Finally, tie the gift tag with ribbon to the jar.

3. Honey + Oatmeal + Marigold Soap

Pamper your skin with these fantastic creamy cleansers. Oatmeal softly exfoliates, honey moisturizes your skin well, and marigold calms it. After drying marigold, follow the simple steps:

You Will Need:

a) 3 tbsp honey
b) 5 tbsp dried marigold petals
c) 4 tbsp coarse oatmeal
d) 10 drops mandarin essential oil


a) Melt the soap base as per package instructions in a big pot.
b) Simultaneously heat honey for 15 seconds in a microwave on low heat.
c) Stir it into the melted soap base.
d) Now add dried marigold petals, oatmeal, and mandarin essential oil into it.
e) Now mix it well and eliminate it from heat.
f) Grease a six cavity metal tartlet tin using sweet almond oil.
g) Partition the soap blend evenly among the cavities.

h) Now gently tap the tin against your work surface to free out any air bubbles.
i) Leave it to at room temperature for nearly 4 hours.
j) With a knife, carefully run it around its edges to free out soaps.

4. Festive Pillow


a) Take a small pillow and wrap it like a gift.
b) Add festive ornaments or sprig of greenery on it.

5. Leather iPhone Case

This leather pouch is ideal for anyone. For this, you can also scan your pictures on use woodland imagery or cribbled for a high-quality postcard.


a) Dark t-shirt transfer sheets
b) Leather scraps


a) Trace a piece of paper using a template and cut it out.
b) Use deer picture or take your own and resize it if needed to fit template you have built.
c) Print each image onto transfer sheet an put the template for front overhead one image.
d) Now trace and cut it out.
e) Repeat it for the back side too with another template and picture.
f) Follow the package instructions for iron, transfer sheets, for every image onto the smooth side of a leather scrap (3 inches width and 5 inches long).
g) Cut out the leather to the shape of pictures precisely.
h) With a sewing machine, stitch the joints along the back and front pieces leaving 3/16 inches edge.
i) Join the parts, right sides facing out using 3/6 inches seam leaving the top open.
j) You can also pair it with brand new earbuds.

6. Gift Toppers

The colorful and vibrant toppers will add a remarkable look to brown paper.

A. Honeycomb Ornaments


a) Cut 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 half circles form honeycomb paper.
b) Glue the one side of the folded half circle to package.
c) Unfold it and glue the other side of the sphere to the box.
d) With silver paint, draw ornaments hangers.

B. Paper Straw Christmas Tree


a) Draw a triangle on the top of the package using a pencil.
b) Cut paper straws in marked lights to fit horizontally within the triangle.
c) Stick it with hot glue and cut two 1 inch pieces of straw.
d) Glue it vertically at a base to a make a trunk.
e) Now sew a piece of string down the tree length as per the spots of hot glue.
f) Glue small buttons along the length of the string.

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6 Best DIY Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

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