Kolkata Wonder: World’s Longest Python Laid 28 Eggs In One Go😮!!

In a strange incident, Three Pythons gave birth to 56 snakelings in Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo. The birth is done by the process of artificial incubation.

All thanks to the efforts of a team of expert snake breeders hired by the West Bengal Zoo.

56 snakelings-6
Rock python

It is being termed as the historical achievement for the Kolkata zoo. Usually, the number of eggs laid by the pythons in one go is between 10 to 15 but this is like a “bumper breeding” for this Zoo.

56 snakelings-2

For the first time, eggs of two rock python were hatched at the zoo.

Alipore Zoo director, Ashish Kumar Samanta said:

“Interestingly, all the three pythons were of three separate species i.e Rock, Reticulated and Burmese. The Rock Python laid two eggs, and both were hatched. The Burmese Python had laid 41 eggs in the month of March of which 34 hatched in April.”

56 snakelings-3

The Reticulated python is the longest of all the snake species in the world heaviest among the three. It laid 28 eggs out of which 20 hatched.

56 snakelings-7
Reticulated Python

Researcher Tania Chatterjee said:

“We were continuously monitoring the hatching process for 75 days till it was over.”

56 snakelings-5

The eggs collected were carefully preserved under a suitable temperature of 30 to 33 degrees Celsius and with experts’ guidance.

Pythons are covered under wildlife protection act and such a wonderful breeding by the Alipore Zoo is definitely worth complimenting.

These eggs were sealed using various materials.

56 snakelings-4

Ashish Kumar Samanta further explained:

“We are very proud. We have made history. This is due to the wholehearted efforts of the team. We carefully sealed the eggs and monitored the temperature conditions.”

56 snakelings-8
Burmese Python

In this case, the heat could have played a spoilsport but it was the use of precision and technology that has created such an amazing history with the longest snake laying the highest number of eggs.



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Kolkata Wonder: World’s Longest Python Laid 28 Eggs In One Go😮!!

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