Wonderful 4-Strand Braid Hairstyles That You’ll Love

If you are looking for the gorgeous and sophisticated braid hairstyles, then try the following 4-Strand braids. The basic ones seem intricate, but they are super easy to do. Also, there are many variations of this braid that you can follow.

How To Do Basic Four Strand Braid?

a) Comb your hair first and split the hair into four equal sections.
b) Take strand number one and bring it under strand two.
c) Now, put it over strand number three
d) Take strand number four over the new strand three.
Note: avoid switching sides.
e) Put it under strand number two.
f) Repeat steps b) to e)

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4-Strand Slide-Up Braid

If you already know how to make snake and four strand braid, then this one is easy for you. The outcome of 4-Strand Slide-Up Braid is amazing and it looks like a stylish woven knotted braid.

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Spray bottle
c) 6 tiny hair rubber bands
d) Rat-tail comb
e) Hair accessory (optional)

Time Needed: 5 to 10 minutes
Skill Level: Medium


a) Divide the hairs and decide where you want the braid to lay.
b) Choose the hair section and divide it into four even strands.
c) Now, you can make this braid in the two ways. But many people still prefer to pick the method 1. So figure out which method is best for you and choose accordingly.

d) Method 1:

-Take a left most hair strand and go over the strand number two and also under strand three.
-Now, choose the rightmost strand four and bring this under the strand number three and over strand two.
-Repeat the steps again and again until you finish your braid.

e) Method 2:

-Take a left most hair strand 1 and go over strand number two and under strand three and four.
-Then, take the two middle hair strands two and three and cross them in such a way that strand number two becomes number three.
-Repeat the steps over and again until you finish off your braid.

f) Now, softly pull the hair back down the hair strand about 1 to 2 inches or till you reach the desired look.
g) Fix the send with a rubber band.
h) Pin the braid in its position towards the back side of the head with bobby pins.
i) Finally, add the hair accessory as an accent.

4-Strand Braid with Micro Braid Hairstyle

You can even wear this style as a side braid, a carousel braid, a peek-a-boo braid, or a braided headband. It is perfect for school going girls or for office going girls.


a) Make a ponytail and make a three strand braid by taking a tiny hair section out of the ponytail.
b) Set the ends of three strand braid using rubber bands.
c) Divide the remaining hairs in the ponytail into three parts.

d) Begin on the right side and start the braiding procedure.

-You will pass the outer strand over strand closer to the left one and then under the micro braid.
-Then, take far left hair strand and cross it under the hair section next on the right and then over micro braid.
-Back to the right side of the braid and go over and then under it.
-Return to the left side of braid and take hair under and then the micro twist.

e) Continue pattern till you run out of hair.
f) Set the ends with rubber bands.

4-Strand Dutch Braid

You Will Need:

a) Paddle brush
b) 1 to 2 bobby pins
c) Teasing Comb
d) 1 rubber band
e) Hairspray
f) 2 hair sectioning clips


a) Comb your hair and divide the hair on the left side.
b) Partition the hair section from the part down to the right ear.
c) Clip the back hair section away using a sectioning clip.
d) Separate any hairs you desire to frame the face while you finish off the style and clip this out of the way.
e) Pick a tiny horizontal section closer the part and divide this into four sections.
f) Take the left hair strand, strand number one and pass it under the strand next to it, i.e., strand two over the strand three and under last one (strand four).
g) Move strand two over strand number three.
h) Add the hair to the far left strand (strand 1) to start a new stitch of the braid.
i) Cross-strand one under strand two.
j) Now, put it over strand three but firstly select the new hair section closer to hairline and add this into the strand three. Just ensure that it is brought under strand four.
k) Cross strand one the strand three and under strand four.
l) Pass strand two over strand three.
m) Add the hair to the new strand one and start a new stitch of braid passing it under strand two.
n) Add hair to strand three and move strand two over it and under strand number four.
o) Cross the strand number two over strand three.
p) Continue branding till all hair is brought up.
q) Continue working down the section making a four strand braid, setting the ends using rubber bands or bobby pins.
r) Softly pull on the edges of braid and wrap it all over the back of head.
s) Pin it behind the left ear.
t) Divide the hair section on the left side and bring it back towards the braid.
u) Tuck the piece underneath braid with bobby pins.
v) Spray firm-hold hairspray over it.

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Wonderful 4-Strand Braid Hairstyles That You’ll Love

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