NZ Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Who is 2x The Size Of A Newborn!!

A New Zealand woman was blessed with a newborn in Wellington (New Zealand) on Monday night weighing a massive 7.39kg (16lb and 4oz ).

The baby boy is 57cm long and is almost double the size of the average newborn.

While doctors had first predicted the newborn would be large, both doctors and his parents were shocked at his whopping size.

16lb 4oz baby boy-4

The boy was born via C-SECTION (caesarean section) after it took doctors 3 hours to manage the epidural.

16lb 4oz baby boy-9

Is he becomes the New Zealand’s biggest baby ever weighed at birth? Let’s find out.

16lb 4oz baby boy-7

In spite of his abnormal size, he fails to beat the 138-year-old Guinness World Record for the biggest baby ever born.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby ever recorded was weighed 10.4kg (22 pounds) which was born in Canada in 1879.

Anna Swan

The baby’s mother, Anna Bates, had giantism who weighed 23lb 9oz at birth! 

The baby was born in Wellington Hospital in New Zealand

16lb-4oz-baby-boyThe baby boy’s father told:

16lb 4oz baby boy-1

He was so massive that his pregnant mother had trouble bending over.

16lb 4oz baby boy-8

Due to his whopping size, it’s likely that he will need clothes meant for children who are 6 months old.

He’ll also skip regular newborn nappies, rather go straight to the 3rd size up as they’re designed to fit the babies weighing between 6kg and 11kg.

The parents of the not-so-little boy said he was happy and healthy.

They further added:


16lb 4oz baby boy-2

It is her second baby. Her first boy also weighed more than the average baby at 11.8lbs (5.4kg) at birth.

During the final 2 months of the pregnancy, doctors had been predicting that the baby would weigh near to 14 pounds.  

The father said:

16lb 4oz baby boy-3

According to Ministry of Health growth charts, the boy weighs about the same as a 20-week-old baby.

16lb 4oz baby boy-10

The newborn’s length put him at the 99.6th percentile of newborn boys.

WATCH HIS PICTURE HERE (6lb 4oz baby boy):

16lb 4oz baby boy-6

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NZ Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Who is 2x The Size Of A Newborn!!

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