21 Secret Destinations You Never Knew Existed

The world is so vast and amazing that even eighty years are less to discover it deeply. There are plenty of outstanding destinations in the world that have yet to be explored by tourists. So, let’s check out the list of the world’s best kept hidden gems.

1. Hitachi Seaside Park (Ibaraki, Japan)

Hitachi Seaside Park is a beautiful park in Ibaraki Prefecture that features tons of seasonal flowers and green spaces usually spread across 350 acres. Usually, people call it a flower paradise. The iconic flower of this seaside park is blue nemophila that covers Miharashi Hill in the spring season. From late April to mid-May, Miharashi Hill has covered in 4.5 million nemophila and coverts the hill into a sea of blue. Other flower bloom throughout most of the year. Although the flowers are the main highlights, you can enjoy the park all year around. The park is divided into different areas – West Entrance area, Miharashi area, Forest area, Grassland area, etc. Each region boasts picturesque seasonal landscapes of diverse types.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

2. Azure Window (Malta)

Azure Window (also known as Dwejra Window) is the massive flat-topped sea arch in Malta. The adventurers flung off it for the amazing videos. However, travelers flock there to catch pictures and selfies. This magical spot has also appeared in tons of TV shows and films including famous Hollywood season Game of Thrones.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

3. Jiuzhaigou National Park (China)

Jiuzhaigou National Park is an excellent fairyland a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Jiuzhaigou country near about 45 kilometers to the north of Chengdu. It features natural scenery of striking waterfalls, snowy mountains, and emerald crystal clear colorful lakes. The fresh air and quiet environment lure many tourists to this spot. The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is autumn mainly in September and October.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

4. Haiku Stairs (Oahu, Hawaii)

Haiku Stairs (also known as stairway to heaven or Haʻikū Ladder) is a steep hiking trail on the island Oʻahu, Hawaii that is considered as one of the fantastic hikes in the world and one of the secret spots too. There is a total of 3922 steps that extend along with the Ko’olau mountain range of Oʻahu. Initially, the majestic stairs were created in 1942 by the United States Navy as a secret facility for transmitting radio signals to the ships which were sailing in the Pacific Ocean. They were then opened to the public until 1987.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

5. Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola (Tropea, Italy)

Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola (also known as Coast of Gods) is 4th-century monastery accessible only by climbing up winding steps craved directly into the cliffside. This medieval -style monastery has a dramatic setting on a rocky island linked to the mainland by a narrow causeway. There are two beaches to the left and right side of this place that you can discover during your visit.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

6. Enchanted River (Surigao del Sur, Philippines)

Hinatuan Enchanted River or Hinatuan sacred River is a majestic spring river on the island of Mindanao. This miraculous clear blue salt water river flows into the Pacific Ocean and is so much clear that it seems like solid gemstones gleaming in the sun. No one knows where exactly the salt water flows from, although the theory states that there is an underground cave system which splits the river out.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

7. Rotorua Hot Springs (Rotorua, New Zealand)

Rotorua is the most striking wonderlands in the world that features plenty of geothermal hit pools. The natural hot springs combine the cold water stream or river, thus making it ideal temperatures for the people to breathe or swim in. Also, when you visit there, do not skip to learn about the fascinating culture of Maori.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

8. Elephant Rock (Heimaey, Iceland)

The natural rock formation off the coast of Iceland lures plenty of travelers. It looks like the giant elephant came to the seashore of Heimaey Island to satisfy his thirst with the Atlantic ocean.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

9. Lençóis Maranhenses (Brazil)

The sand dunes filled with crystal clear fresh water in Lençóis Maranhenses national park are so vast and white that shows how the park got its name. In Portuguese, Lençóis Maranhenses means bedsheets of Maranhão. Over a thousand years of soil erosion, the park is a small split of land that has morphed into sweeping dunes, thus giving the look of a miniature desert. This true wonder of nature looks too dreamy.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

10. Laja Falls (Chile)

Laja Falls are beautiful waterfalls located in laja river in south-central Chile. The four waterfalls clustered together lure thousands of travelers all year around. The water of laja river falls sheerly into rocky crayons creating a majestic view.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

11. Halle Forest (Belgium)

Halle Forest is another beauty of Mother Nature. The best time to visit this magical forest is in the spring because it feels you like you have stepped into a dreamy world. During bluebells flowering time, the rays of the sun touch the flowers, thereby creating a magical play of purple and light.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

12. Vertical Stairs in (Machu Picchu, Peru)

Vertical Stairs in Machu Picchu is considered as one of the terrifying stairs in the world. And no one is really sure why the old Incas (a small group of Quechua living in the Cuzco Valley in Peru) decided to create a big temple at the top of vertical mountain peaks.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

13. The Town of Monsanto (Portugal)

Monsanto is a spectacular village in Portugal that features narrow cobbled streets carved from rock. The granite houses are compressed between big boulders and look like a bedrock. As you continue to go uphill, you will spot that the whole village has been created around boulders of different sizes. They form part of the floors, walls, and even roof of old stone houses. Due to the unique architecture and rich culture, this village has been named the “most Portuguese village in Portugal” in the year 1938.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

14. Patrick Dougherty Nest Houses

This amazing living art is created by the artist Patrick Dougherty. He has made human-sized nest houses by weaving growing trees in the shape of cocoons, huts, big water pitchers, houses, pagodas, huts, and even people. Patrick has made near about 200 site-specific sculptures all around the globe.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

15. Canola Flower Fields (Qujing, China)

Canola Flower Fields are the most beautiful spots in the world. The vast farmlands are covered in the shades of yellow and golden rapeseed flowers stretching all the way to the horizon. The field of canola is used in the production of cooking oil. Every year, this region turns into a sea of yellow flowers. The blossoming canola plants lure a lot of bees and their keepers who set up tents in the fields.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

16. Kampong Thom (Cambodia)

Kampong Thom is the second largest province in Cambodia. This amazing town is set on the banks of Stung Saen river. You can visit the rice fields and grasslands around this region, discover the boat trip on the Stung Sen river, see a pagoda on top of the mountains, visit a World Heritage site, or climb 807 steps of Phnom Suntuk.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

17. Giola (Thassos Island, Greece)

Giola is the natural swimming pool set in Astris that offers pleasant swimming experience. The rock height reaches up to 8 m for where the swimmers can comfortably dive into crystal clear waters. The depth of the pool is 3 meters, so it’s better to be cautious when jumping from a height. Although it’s a stunning spot to swim and sunbathe, it’s a bit strange path and not so easy to reach.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

18. Stone Forest of Madagascar

Madagascar Island is popular for its biodiversity and is the home to the world’s largest stone forest ‘Tsingy’ which is created over millennia of soil erosion by the water and wind. Tsingy de Bemaraha is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the amazing attractions of Madagascar. The word Tsingy in English means “where no one can walk barefoot.” Stone forest is scattered by caves and rivers, thus offering a wide variety of scenery to see. It rises to 40 meters from the ground.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

19. Zhangye Danxia Landform (China)

Colorful Zhangye Danxia national park located in the eastern foothills of Qilian Mountains in Gansu Province is one of the most picturesque landforms in China. This park features an amazing landform region which covers 50 square kilometers. Zhangye Danxia is also known as “eye candy of Zhangye.” The colorful mountain ridges seem like an overturned palette from heaven.

The formations shape like flowing valleys after a thousand years of wind and rain. It has also been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010. Most of the people applaud this masterpiece and calls it an oil painting that has shades of blue, emerald, orange, green, red and yellow.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

20. Quinta de Regaleira (Portugal)

Quinta de Regaleira is on the Unesco’s World Heritage list for all the right reasons. After careful renovation, it was opened to the public in 1998. This property features plenty of attractions like fountains, benches, wells, grottoes, lakes, spiral staircase, and much more.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

21. Pink Lake (Australia)

Pink Lake is the saltwater lake located in Goldfields-Esperance area of Western Australia. The reason behind the strawberry color is the bacteria that reside inside the lake. The high level of salt makes the water so dense that you can swim much easily.

Secret destinations you never knew existed

21 Secret Destinations You Never Knew Existed

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