Fun Things to Do in Camden for Free

London is one of the highest cost cities in the county, but they are different ways to spend a great day in Camden. And yes, it is possible to enjoy at the lowest possible price around Camden. If you want a fancy picnic, just head towards Regent’s Park and for something a little bit more energetic, just go to Indie Beats at Lock Tavern. So start exploring it today.

1. Camden Arts Centre

You can check out the latest exhibitions at the Camden Arts Centre where you will find top-notch contemporary art exhibitions and plenty of education. Set in the year 1965 by artist, this center has a motto to lure public in the art events by providing numerous free of cost events, tours, and workshops.

2. Local Outdoor Gym

So get ready to stay fit and healthy for nothing at outdoor gyms across Camden. In fact, they are suitable for every age group and the best place for all fitness enthusiasts and that too nay membership charges.

3. Explore Small Galleries

Many small independent galleries offer excellent art initiatives in the budget fit rates.

4. Join a Running Group

If you do not like to go to the gym, you can also join a running group as there are many initiatives in the district that renders free of cost beginner classes like as Mornington Chasers. Or you can even enter a running club like as ParkRun which offers free sessions all over the district.

5. Do Community Gardening

Anyone can become a volunteer of a local community garden and make a step ahead towards a greener and safe environment. The ‘Bring Back The Butterflies’ and the ‘Calthorpe’ projects are best free gardening initiatives in Camden.

6. Chill Down in Wellcome Collection’s Reading Room

This best reading room offers a quiet ambiance that spreads into every corner of the building. You can also learn some knowledge of medical history by reading plenty of books or go to their digital catalog online. In fact, you can even go to the library for the free price by just signing the guestbook or get a free membership to aces resources of Wellcome. Here are also Printing and free Wi-fi available there.

7. Go to Cyber Dog

Just enter green-tinted doors of Cyber dog to get a fantastic experience ever. The shop has everything from Manic Panic UV hair dyes, neon rave clothing, skull-shaped ice makers, etc. You will also feel that the shopkeepers are in the 22nd century as they always have fun with loud electronic music.

8. Discover Green Spaces

There are numerous parks and green spaces which is perfect spot for relaxing and have some fresh air in Camden. You’ll find an ideal spot for your winter picnic along with your children. Coram Fields is the best free place for little ones and those who are less than 16 years of age. It also includes the Youth Centre, Community Nursery, Children’s Centre, a city farm and Sports Programme.

9. Go Creative at Zabludowicz Family Create

Zabludowicz Family Create is the best place to enjoy with kids. The free of cost workshop is family friendly and more fun. In fact, it operates even on Saturdays an also greets every person to participate in the events.

10. Widen your Knowledge at UCL’s Lunch Hour Lectures

These short lectures are lovely initiative as it gives anyone to involve with the remarkable research being performed at UCL. Working on a queue basis is an excellent way to gain vast knowledge.

11. Watch Beautiful Street Art

If you have been in London for a long time, you have probably heard a few flannel-clad hipster or mecca of street art. East side of London has some outstanding street art and genius graffiti.

12. Eat and Relax

There are nearly scores of food stalls in Camden. To lure more customers to their shop, the vendors are shouting and handing out a free sample. If you say ‘yes’ to any shopkeeper who is saying ‘wouldyalikeataste?’, then he offers you to eat free of cost lunch for the upcoming two days.

Fun Things to Do in Camden for Free

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