How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad?

Traveling to a foreign country is no doubt exciting but risky too. If you are planning to take a trip to a foreign nation and avoid getting a victim of violence, or experience unwanted situations and difficulties, read the following article to know fantastic safety tips for traveling abroad.

1. Keep Address to your Accommodation

Write the address in both native tongue and English in both the notes of your phone or in the notebook. You must ask everyone in your group to do this. Otherwise, you might lose your buddies.

2. Register with S.T.E.P. and get Travel Insurance

If your insurance does not already cover your overseas, you might get injured and have to pay the hefty medical cost. So you must register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

3. If you are Walking Alone at Night Time

Walk behind any couple. It may sound frightening, but you do not want to stand out as asking alone and mainly if you are a girl. You do not have to follow them to their home, but at least stay on the same side of the street as them.

4. Avoid Non-tourist or Dark Areas at Night

If you do not feel uncomfortable, walk into the congested areas like as shopping mall or restaurant or hire train cars.

5. In Case you Feel like Some Stranger is Following You

Stop in a public place and ask someone to offer security. You can walk into a hotel that is not yours. Whatever you do, do not walk to where you are residing.

6. Keep all your Cash in More than One Location

To avoid robbery, it is a good idea.

7. Get a Sturdy Bag and Wear your Backpack Facing Front

You should avoid carrying bags with a thin strap as they get broken fast and also do not take a wallet in front pocket. Also, if you look like a tourist, you are a big target for the expert thieves and your back pocket might get unzipped. Also, avoid carrying hotel room keys and purse in them. The one thing you can do is to avoid getting attention to yourself mainly in a small group or alone.

8. If you are Meeting your Buddies for a Social Outing or Taking any Public Transport at a Nightclub

You might be at some place where the culture is a more conservative job so you may feel much relaxed covering up or wearing a coat till you get to the destination. You can also bring clothes to your friend’s residence and change there.

9. Avoid Getting too Drunk

If you’re in a foreign country, you might a target for all kinds of crime by being a tourist. So avoid drinking too much because it just multiplies the risk by almost 1,000.

10. Lock Everything

Lock all your doors and windows, hide everything inside, and also lock all your expensive stuff.

11. Ask Questions about Public Transport

Maybe the bus or train will take you to the point B, but at once at point B, you won’t find any cabs or taxis for your remaining voyage. Maybe no one is available all over the whole night but only in increments of every couple of hours.

12. If you Foresee Feeling Unsafe, Pay around 20 to 40$ to get an International SIM

Just get a SIM card and enjoy internet everywhere. Google maps will usually help you get directions, and you know where your cab is going. Also, Google translate can help you ask local questions.

13. Avoid Wearing Costly Items like Jewelry

Avoid wearing costly items unless you are staying luxury hotel and have their private cabs driving you, avoid this entirely.

14. Avoid taking Private Cabs

Do not take cabs that are unregistered with the city.

15. Avoid Keeping your Drink Unattended Anywhere You Go.

16. Also, Keep your Family and Friends Aware of Where you are Living.

17. You can Meet up with Friends of Friends or Join a Tourist Group.

18. Make Copies of your Essential Documents

You will be carrying vital documents with you when traveling abroad. So, create an electronic backup of your itinerary, medical insurance card, immunization record, plane tickets, travel insurance, passport, and visas before you leave.

19. Get a Checkup and get Needed Vaccines

Have a physical before your tour to make sure that you are 100% healthy enough to travel abroad. Different worldwide travel places need vaccinations before your arrival, so make sure that you know the immunizations you require before your trip.

20. Avoid Using Credit Card at the Internet Cafes

By using the internet, criminals have found a new way to commit identity theft. Internet cafes are famous place amongst travelers. They are the best way to enjoy a coffee cup by emailing the current details of your tour to your family or friends. Criminals keep an eagle eye and use keylogger software in the cafes to get the credit card details. So you should pay cash for your computer use.

How to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad?

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