World’s Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls You Can’t Stop Watching!!

A waterfall is one of the most amazing creations of God. There are a lot of mesmerizing, greatest, biggest and extraordinary waterfalls all over the world.

Here are a list of top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world:


Address: Fiordland National Park 9679, New Zealand

This gorgeous 580m waterfall was the most spectacular waterfall of New Zealand and certainly the one that was higher better than the other waterfalls.

Beautiful Waterfalls

And given its remote location deep in the beautiful and wild Fiordland National Park which is also a World Heritage Area. it was one of many spotlights of the Milford Track that is said to be one of the finest walks in the world.


Address: Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

When it came to the overall water falling experience, it was difficult to beat this world popular attraction.

Beautiful Waterfalls-2

The waterfalls themselves separated many colorful and clear lakes that brought life to this protected and lush ecosystem.

Beautiful Waterfalls-1


Address: Vatnajökull National Park / Jökulsárgljúfur, Northeast Region, Iceland

Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe sending glacial melt waters over its 44m precipice unchecked at a flow of nearly 500 cubic meters per second.

Beautiful Waterfalls-4


It the perfect example of the raw and wild and landscape that characterized Iceland, and it was definitely a favorite amongst nature lovers both from world and country.

Beautiful Waterfalls-3

It is surrounded by three other major waterfalls on the same river.


Address: Haukadalur, Iceland

This is one of the unique waterfalls in the world. This wide and wild waterfall tumbling on the Hvítá River in two tiers at 90 deg angles to each other was one of the iconic natural attractions of Iceland.

Beautiful Waterfalls-5


Address: Yosemite National Park, CA 95389, USA

Even though Yosemite waterfall doesn’t flow year round, but it does flow for a good part of the year. It’s one of the tallest waterfall in the world at 2425ft.

Beautiful Waterfalls-6

Yosemite fall is the crown jewel of major attractions in the incomparable Yosemite Valley and it’s easily seen from a multitude of trails and viewpoints.


Address: Potaro river, Guyana

Kaieteur Falls is the world’s tallest single-drop waterfalls and this rectangular-shaped fall is 742ft ft tall and 370ft wide that sat atop the ancient Guiana Shield in the mid of some of the purest rainforest left on earth.

Beautiful Waterfalls-7

This world wonder could yield uncommon wildlife settings as well as the reassurance that there were still locations on the earth where nature was still allowed to thrive.

4. ANGEL FALLS (Salto Ángel)

Address: Canaima National Park or Auyantepui, Bolivar, Venezuela

Beautiful Waterfalls-8

Falling uninterrupted for 807 m (with a total drop of 979m) from a magical tabletop mountain tepuy deep in a Venezuelan equatorial rainforest, it has been widely known as the world’s tallest permanent waterfall.

Beautiful Waterfalls-9


Address: Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls is the most popular waterfall in North America.This powerful waterfall also ranks the biggest waterfall by volume with a sheer size of an average of nearly 7000 cubic meters per second.

Beautiful Waterfalls-10

In addition to its power, it’s easily one of the easiest to access and view from all sorts of angles.

2. Victoria Falls

Address: Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

Easily deserving of the top position on this list, Victoria Falls is the world ‘s largest singular waterfall having a height of 108m and 1.7km width and an average flow of 1 million liters per second.

Beautiful Waterfalls-11

It is also the one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

1. Iguazu Falls (Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, Iguaçu Falls, or Yguazú Falls)

Address: Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina/Foz do Iguassu, Parana, Brazil

Beautiful Waterfalls-13

With its edge spanning a distance of 2km in its average flow of 1000 cubic meters per second, this Iguazu Falls tops the list of beautiful falls.

Beautiful Waterfalls-12

The falls actually includes some 275 individual cascades and waterfalls.


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World’s Top 10 Beautiful Waterfalls You Can’t Stop Watching!!

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