6 Super Affordable Destinations to Go With Your Girlfriend

It is not vital to spend a fortune on the most favorite hobby. After working 24/7 for months, you tear those hundreds of bucks off your heart. Why, don’t you stop spending quarterly earnings and cutting down on Starbucks to get a favorite holiday you deserve?

Sometimes the change in locations may come in handy. In this article, we made the list of the coolest and cheapest destinations from around the planet. So here are our best affordable honeymoon destinations.

1. Krakow

Krakow is one of the most affordable European destinations. Every classic budget traveler has to go to vibrant Krakow. Generally, remember that eastern countries are the most affordable among the European states. Poland has its own flavor of true Europe of Middle ages with its solid old town.

What’s more, there are also relatively cheap and at the same time high-quality restaurants, a bunch of hostels… and, of course, delicious dumplings! The nightlife herestrikeseverytourist. Older men-younger women dating is what you can expect from this city.

2. Vietnam

The second affordable honeymoon destination is ‘Vietnam.’ If you wonder what would happen if France was moved to Asia with all its buildings, then head to Ho Chi Minh. While traveling to another city Hanoi, pay a visit to one of the street sidebars and buy the local and very cheap beer, Bia ho’i.

Of course, there are much less expensive countries in Asia with better beaches. Still, an ATV route from Ho Chi Ming City to Hanoi would be unforgettable. Having arrived, you will never believe that fifty years ago this country was torn apart by war.

3. India

Indian hotels are one of the most affordable travel destinations. Here you will find everything. The stunning scenery – the Himalaya, excellent food, which seems to be made especially for vegans. Your Instagram will explode with landscapes. Still, the most terrible problem you’ll suffer from will be the choice of your start point.

You can go to Mumbai, favorite motion pictures Bollywood alive, or the Himalaya, where you can meditate, and maybe even see the Dalai Lama. The best thing about India is that you can travel throughout the country for like a month for the price of a single week in Europe.

4. Greece

Let’s talk about the most Mediterranean country in Europe now. Although Greece is the European Union member, this country was hit by the financial crisis in 2008. What is bad for locals is good for you as a traveler as prices there are very low.

The real jewels of Greece are the islands like Mykonos, Crete, and the spot of Ios. Enjoy the excellent opportunity to choose between famous isles with a ferry trip. Get aboard throughout the olive capital!

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Set on the shore of Table Bay, Cape Town has it all. Greatly overlooking mountains, great weather, stunning beaches, wine, and safaris (it’s Africa, the baby). You may say that Cape Town is far away and it’s OK. However, once you are there, this is one of the best destinations for your money. It is the case when a small overpaying the ticket is worth it!

5. Peru

The fifth affordable tropical destination is ‘Peru.’ Please put Machu Picchu on your travel bucket list. It is one of the most magical constructions in a country with a great tourist potential. Go there if you are a newbie in ecotourism and gastronomic tourism as 60% of Peru territory is an Amazon Basin.

That means hundreds of hectares of virgin and untouched rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon. Spanish colonial architecture all over the country drastically contrast with thousands-year-old ruins.

6. Philippines

This country takes the last but not the least place on our bucket list. People say that beaches and landscapes here are twice as cool and half the price of those of Thai. Take into account the most pleasant and helpful locals in the world, not expensive journeys by plane, and the Philippines will automatically become another spot on your map for broke tourists.

6 Super Affordable Destinations to Go With Your Girlfriend

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