Scores of Snapchat Users Encountered BREAKDOWN For 4 Hours👿👎

On Monday, famous chat company Snapchat faced a breakdown all over the world for at least four hours leading to a pool of complaints on the rival mobile app ‘Twitter’ a day before posting its third quarterly income as a public firm.

Thousands of users on twitter tweeted about not able to sign on after logging the application. This app is most popular among people under 30 for posting photos that are deleted automatically in one day.


However, a numerous number of Snapchat users have tweeted and said that the service is going to shut down while others are still reporting technical issues.
There were issues in sending and downloading pictures as well as server problems. Nearly at 9.40 PM GMT (4.40 PM), the Snapchat on its Twitter Support account said that a fix has been done.

Snapchat company said on its support Twitter account, adding its users to stay logged on…..

In Feb2017, Snapchat had nearly 160 million active users daily, with this number hiking up to 166 million by May 2017. And it’s not the first time that the app has gone down. Last month too, a significant outage left customers to not able to send and receive pictures for many hours.


Snapchat replied over shut down service…..

Snapchat outrage mostly affected users in the US…….

At the time the issues were that the messages fail sent to recipients, and the pictures were not able to send in group chats. However, the Facebook outage mainly was felt by the people on the West Coast and East of U.S.


Last week WhatsApp too experienced a significant breakdown that affects thousands of users worldwide. WhatsApp users in the US, Europe, UK, and Asia were all affected as the favorite chat app went down.

Users went crazy and angry…..

Check out what they said:



While as per the report on independent outage monitor Down Detector has strikingly fallen from a height of 28,000, Snapchatters are still having issues.




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Scores of Snapchat Users Encountered BREAKDOWN For 4 Hours👿👎

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