Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore😰 From This Guy On April 1 For 300 Metre Trip

In a shocking incident, taxi aggregator Ola charged Rs 149 crore for a local trip that never happened on April 1, a 2017 and it was not a joke.

What is your reaction when you are taking an Ola ride to a nearby location and you are charged in crores?? You would be Shocked, right.!!Believe it or not, the same case happened with a Mumbai man.

Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore

ola-charges-149-crores, Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore

Sushil had booked an Ola cab to travel from his home in suburban Mulund West to a neighboring location Vakola Market which is less than 300 meters away when he got a bill of Rs 1,49,10,51,648.

ola-charges-149-crore, Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore

Though the ola taxi driver canceled the ride. Due to a technical defect, Sushil Narsian was unable to book another cab and was levied with a bill of Rs 149 crore.

Narsian after the distressing experience on April 1, 2017, posted on Twitter a screenshot of his Ola electronic bill.

OLA taxi, Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore


The bill indicated that Sushil Narsian had paid Rs 127 via e-wallet, OlaMoney while he owed the taxi aggregator Rs 149.10 crore, as per the screenshot he shared.

It turns out Sushil’s complaint was an authentic one, not an April 1 prank.

ola bill crore sushil narsianola bill crore sushil narsian


The Mumbai man posted on Twitter about how he received a massive bill for an Ola Cabs ride that was simply shocking. 

sushil-narsians-ola-bill, Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore


Twitterati instantly called out the post “hoax” until the company Ola responded with an “apology” and fixed the problem.

The man was caught in an unbelievable loop but thankfully for Narsian, the internal flaw in the app has since been fixed, with Ola company offering him future ride discounts as compensation.

Here’s what the Ola PR team said:



On contacting the cab aggregator ola, they replied saying it was a technical fault.

Ola refunded the Rs 127 that was debited from his wallet within two hours.

Ola made it up to Narsian with a special offer.

He also posted it on Facebook and some people had posted funny comments.



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Ola Charged Rs 149 Crore😰 From This Guy On April 1 For 300 Metre Trip

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