Things to Know about New Incognito Mode in Google Maps

Recently, Google has declared new privacy updates for the services – Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Assistant. As a part of the ongoing efforts of Google to enhance voice-related privacy and protecting data of its users, voice-related privacy of Google within the assistant will allow users to delete everything (browser histories and even voice histories).

The best part is that users will do this without navigating via settings and menus in a browser. They can do it via simple voice command. Simply say to Google, ‘Hi! Delete everything I searched since last week’.

However, with smart assistant and location tracking, the privacy of users is also at a high stake. Switching to a new incognito mode in Google Maps solves this problem magically.

It won’t make your invisible as it sounds like

With growing worries about behavior tracking, primarily location tracking, Google Company has revealed stringent privacy enhancements. This prevents Google from saving special kinds of information and eliminates personalization touches.

  • Incognito Mode for Maps available on Android devices and iOS


  • Incognito mode was first introduced for the Chrome browser in the year 2008. As a newbie user, it is essential that you understand the pros and cons of going incognito.


  • When you enable this new feature, this stops information from being stored by that particular device and does not show up in the Google location history.


  • If you are sharing your current location with your friend or family member, it will pause updates about the location of the device when active.


  • Google Maps Incognito Mode also does not display app-related notifications.


  • It does not provide protection across all the devices.

Easy to Use Privacy Tool

There are tons of reasons people want to restrict their Google account and phone stores when it comes to what they visit and location.

When you turn on ‘Maps Incognito mode’, a warning message appears on the screen that says like this.

“Turning on ‘Incognito Mode’ does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, voice search, other apps, and other Google services.”

It means that Maps Incognito Mode isn’t doing anything to mask your web traffic to the outside world. It is just lowering the record of Maps browsing in your own Google account.

This allows users to prevent location sharing with other Maps users from that device. Similarly, Incognito Mode in Google Chrome does not do anything to keep internet service providers, sites, or employers from viewing your browsing information.

Best Tool for Those Who Do Not Want to Share their  Device Info with Others

It means they don’t want anyone to know what you recently did on the web. If you want to remove identifying information from your browser or hinder insights of your internet service provider, consider the use of Tor or a VPN instead.

How to Use It?

  • To use Incognito Mode in Google Maps, just tap your account picture in the upper-right corner of the screen located next to the search bar and then tap ‘Turn on Incognito Mode.’ 


  • Users can also sign out of Google Maps easily and at any time without logging out of your Google account entirely on IOS and Android.


  • But when you do this, the application will still record and present things such as recent searches. And when you are not signed in Google Maps, you can’t do things like sharing your location with others. 

Therefore, if you want these types of features, Incognito Mode is an excellent way to use them with pauses.

Note: As per the privacy policy of Google, when you do not sign in to your Google Account, the agency still garners and stores some information about your browsing and behavior in its services.  

Data from Google Incognito Maps Sessions is Stored with a Unique Identifier

Details from Google Incognito Maps is stored with a unique identifier that is assigned to that Incognito session. The ID is not tied to the account of the user and gets reset with every new session.


You Can Still Get Directions, Navigation, and Search for places

In Incognito Mode, you can still navigate, get directions, and hunt for desired places. But you lose all of the personalized Maps features like the ability to view restaurants near you, shops near you, etc.

By simply tapping on your profile icon button in Google Chrome, Assistant, News, Search, and Maps, you will be able to access ‘your information’ how long Google can track your details.

YouTube Auto-Delete History

YouTube users will be able to set their ‘search’ and ‘viewing’ histories to auto-delete after a specific time period (18 months and above). Users can access this new feature at

Google’s Password Checkup now will also now come built into Google Chrome. It means you no longer have to download the extension to make sure that your passwords are 100% safe.

Things to Know about New Incognito Mode in Google Maps

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