30 Amazing Facts About World’s Richest Man ‘Bill Gates’

Apart from the philanthropic support and online presence of Bill Gates, there are many things that you need to know about the Microsoft founder and the world’s richest man. So, check out some of the interesting facts about this legend.

1. Bill aimed to become a millionaire by the age of thirty. But he became a billionaire at 31.

2. Gates would be the 63rd richest on the earth if he would be a country.

3. The children of the great personality will only inherit US$ 10 million each, out of his the US $ 72 billion net worth.

4. At the age of 22, Gates was arrested in New Mexico in the year 1977 for crossing a red light and driving Porsche extremely at high speed and that too without any license.

5. Gates predicted that the spam email issue would be solved within two years.

6. Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincon, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison have no college degree.

7. Bill saved many people lives with better healthcare and vaccines.

8. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of gates was 1590 out of 1600.

9. Gates pays around the US $1 million every year in the property taxes for his house.

10. As per the Gates, there will be no poor country left in the whole nation.

11. Bill Gates will take about 218 years to spend all the money he has if he pays at a rate of $1 million in a day.

12. He also sponsors a machine that converts the poop into drinking water.
13. Bill purchased Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester at the auction held in the year 1994 for about US $ 30 Million. Some of its pages were used as a screen saver on the Windows 95.

14. The Bill & Melinda Gates private foundation spends more on international health every year as compared to the World Health Organization of UN. It aims to save lives and improve education across the world. Polio eradication is one their biggest campaigns.

15. Bill Gates changed the programs codes of school so that he gets the class with the most female students.

16. Bill also said that he loves to give the challenging jobs to the laziest people as they’ll find the easy way to do it.

17. In the year 2013, Bill confessed that Ctrl + Alt + Del command was a mistake and should have been a single button.

18. Gates has an Mc Donald’s Gold card for the unlimited fast food for free.

19. Bill was so much addicted to the minesweeper that he used to sneak in the office of his colleagues after work just to play.

20. In the year 2010, Gates and Warren Buffet signed the ‘giving pledge’ promising to offer half of their wealth to the humanity either during their death or lifetime. Since then around 150 singers have joined.

21. Gates read the whole ‘World Book Encyclopedia’ series at his teenage.

22. Like many other successful tech tycoons, Bill was also a college dropout and he left the Harvard University in the year 1975 to wholly devote himself to the Microsoft.

23. Bill says that if the Microsoft failed to work out, then he probably would be a researcher of the artificial intelligence.

24. Bill Gates says that he read 50 books every year as he thinks the reading helps to learn new things and with which you can also test your intelligence.

25. Bill doesn’t know any foreign language, so he says that it’s the biggest regret in his life till now.

26. Gates used to fly coach for air travel.

27. This tech icon has studied pre-law at Harvard University before dropping out after two years he started Microsoft. Gates was also awarded an honorary doctorate in the year 2007.

28. The original name of this great personality is not Bill as she was born William Henry Gates III.

29. Bill use to memorize the license plates of his employees to track their goings and comings to work.

30. Gates and his wife denied giving a mobile phone to their kids till they turn fourteen. Additionally, even today they have a ban on the Apple devices in their home.

30 Amazing Facts About World’s Richest Man ‘Bill Gates’

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