Bangladeshi Fans Insulted Kohli By Posting A Demeaning Meme!!

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli’s expression of taking out his tongue when Mushfiqur Rahim got out has taken the social media by storm and it will make you lol.

Kohli is one of the famous cricketers who is mostly watched by the media and fans 24*7 and whatever they do on or off the field makes headlines.

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The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 semi-final between India and Bangladesh is being played at Edgbaston and the whole nation is watching the cricket match because the result of this will decide which team is going to have competition with Pakistan in the finals.

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The Bangladeshi fans have started considering India as their enemies and leave no chance to insult them.

Bangladeshis Disrespected Indian flag…!!

They posted derogatory posts and memes by showing a dog, wrapped with India’s national flag being chased by a tiger, intensely representing Bangladesh.

Virat Kohli-5

Compared Kohli to a dog…!! OMG

Bangladesh did it again. After disrespecting Indian flag, Bangladeshis on Thursday compared Virat Kohli to a dog even as the two South Asian countries fight it out for a position in the ICC Champions Trophy final against Pakistan on Sunday.

The dishonorable act started after Kohli played a “death dance” at the fall of Mushfiqur Rahim’s wicket in 36th over.

Actually, he celebrated it in a unique manner by taking “his tongue out” while celebrating of taking a wicket.

Virat Kohli-2

But a Bangladeshi Facebook page once again tried to insult the Kohli.

This post got more than 3700 shares and 27K likes….!!

Virat Kohli-4

We all know that triumph is important in a game but Bangladeshis should remember that by posting such “mean things”, they are showcasing their demeanor.

Check out some funny Twitter reactions:




Virat Kohli Painting 🎨Sold For Whopping……..Crores…!!

Bangladeshi Fans Insulted Kohli By Posting A Demeaning Meme!!

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