Kohli, Only Indian In Forbes World’s 100 Richest Athlete List 2017!!

Forbes world’s 100 richest athlete list 2017: Indian cricket captain and Indian international cricketer Virat Kohli is the only sportsperson from India who made it amongst the world’s 100 richest athletes in the latest Forbes list.

Kohli is ranked 89th on the 2017 Forbes list…..!!

28-year-old has been ranked 89th position on the 2017 Forbes list of ‘The World’s richest athletes’.

Forbes list 2017-8, richest athlete

Total Pay ….!!

The sports star Virat is given a total pay of USD 22 million i.e 143 Crore that includes USD 3 million from salary and winnings and the left 19 million from endorsements.

Forbes list 2017-7, richest athlete

Topped by Cristiano Ronaldo….!!

The Top 100 list of highest-paid athletes has been topped by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo again.

Forbes list 2017-5, richest athlete

And guess his total pay?

Cristiano has a total pay of 93 million dollars. OMG!!

Forbes list 2017-6, richest athlete

Forbes said Kohli has “for good reason” that has already drawn comparisons to all-time great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. They added that Indian skipper has continuously broken all the batting records.

Forbes list 2017-9, richest athlete

And in the year 2015, he was chosen as the captain of the Indian national team, making him one of the youngest players to ever hold this amazing job.

It noted that last year Virat Kohli made approximately USD 1 million in salary and match fees from his national team play.

Forbes list 2017-10, richest athlete

Virat is also among the IPL’s highest-paid athlete….!!

All thanks to a USD 2.3 million salary from the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Forbes said:

Forbes list 2017, richest athlete

The list also includes tennis stars Novak Djokovic (16) and Rafael Nadal (33), soccer star Wayne Rooney (70) and basketball player Anthony Davis (44).

Forbes list 2017-3, richest athlete

Forbes said the 100 richest sports icons earned an increasing USD 3.11 billion over the past twelve months, down 1 percent from previous year.

Forbes list 2017-4, richest athlete

But the threshold to make the list hiked from USD 600,000 to USD 21.4 million.

Athletes from 21 countries have participated among the top 100 Forbes list, but Americans commanded the list with 63 entries.

TOP 10 Forbes 100 richest athlete list 2017:

Thanks to increasing salaries in the professional Americans leagues such as National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and National Football League.

LeBron at 2nd richest athlete…!!

American basketball icon LeBron James comes at the second position with USD 86.2 million, followed by the footballer Lionel Messi (3) with 80 million, tennis icon Roger Federer (4) with 64 million and basketball player Kevin Durant.

Forbes list 2017-2, richest athlete

Only one woman sports star in the list of 100..!!

Ii’s none other than the Tennis star Serena Williams, who recently won her 23rd Grand Slam singles tennis title in January.

Forbes list 2017-11, richest athlete

Becomes highest-paid female athlete..!!

She comes in at the 51 position with USD 27 million, the only female star to make the cut this year.

Forbes list 2017-12, richest athlete


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Kohli, Only Indian In Forbes World’s 100 Richest Athlete List 2017!!

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