Viral: Little Girl Asks Very Important Question: “Where Did Barack Obama Go?”

Taylor starts by asking, “Where did the President Barack Obama go?

“Why do we have another president?” this little girl asks in the Instagram viral video. “So, why did he go? Where did he go?”

Most of us know the former United States President Barack Obama is out there living his best life presently.

Taylor Barack Obama-1

He’s been traveling, giving speeches, writing a story, and just overall glowing.

But with a number of controversial policies coming out of the Donald Trump administration, it’s no surprise that few people have one crucial question: Why did Obama have to go?!

However, for a five-year-old, Taylor from Texas, the question is very much literal.

The star of a series wants to know:

1) Where is Obama?
2) Why did he leave the White House?

When her mother replies that Obama had to leave the White House because the presidents can only serve two terms, Taylor then switches gears to asks more hard questions:

“How come Hillary Clinton didn’t get to be the president, and why is she the loser? And what are they even supposed to be winning?”

Preventing a laugh, her mother explains that people vote in polls to select the new president of the US.

This looked to confuse Taylor at first, but then she says that perhaps the President Donald Trump won because many people voted for him.

Part 2 😂

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Her mother then tries to explain that Hilary Clinton triumphed the popular vote, but lost the electoral college, before stopping herself and saying, “It’s a long story.”

She starts to wrap her conversation with Taylor by saying that Donald Trump lives in the White House, which was one of her daughter’s Taylor’s genuine questions.

But that does not sit well with Taylor. She repeatedly asks, “But why does he have to live there?”

Her mother replies”: “Where do you want him to live?”

Taylor answers “I want him to live somewhere else and don’t want him living in Texas!”

But the fact that her mom tells her Donald Trump doesn’t live in Texas is not enough for her. With a sad face, she says “Well, I don’t want him to be president, anyway.”

In the caption of the first viral video, her mother wrote that after their exchange the little girl remained crazy.





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Viral: Little Girl Asks Very Important Question: “Where Did Barack Obama Go?”

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