11 Amazing Things You Did Not Know you Could Do on Instagram

Instagram is a social media application for most people, but you rarely know about using it beyond scrolling newsfeed or uploading occasional filtered pictures of brunch or sunset. It has become a crucial part of our daily lives while primary functions continue to be simple to access and use, there are also a lot of options, third-party applications, tools which many of us don’t even realize that they exist. So, let’s check out the cool things you didn’t know you could do on Instagram.

1. Get Notifications from Individuals Who Follow You

If you have an Instagram account and if you never want to miss a post, you can enable the notifications on the account. It will ensure you that you never lose any of the Instagram activity, which is especially helpful after Instagram’s move to an algorithm-based newsfeed, which is mainly beneficial after the app has moved to the algorithm-based newsfeed.

Just go to account profile you want to get notifications for using the app. now press “…”(set at the top right of the screen) And choose ‘Turn on Post Notifications’ to enable this feature. You can always pick Turn off Post Notifications’ if you find the notifications massive in the future.

2. Eliminate Tags of Yourself from Other Person Pictures

If your friends always tag you in the unfavorable, pictures or unwanted memes, then you can get rid of them in two ways. Firstly, eliminate the tag. Go to the images, press the options button, and then pick the ‘options’ and then select ‘Remove Me from Photo.’

The second option is to pick ‘Hide from My Profile. Instead some people prefer this option if they do not want to offend their friend by eliminating the tag entirely, but still, want to stop the picture form displaying up under the ‘Tagged Photos’ page of their profile.

3. Clears Out Search History

This app has a broad variety of posts on it, and maybe you do not want your buddies to be browsing Instagram and watch that your searches were for ‘cats in hats,’ your ex’s name, or anything else that may be disturbing for you.

To do this, pick the options wheel at the top, scroll down the list of tops to bottom and pick ‘Clear Search History.’ also note that it will stop the app for auto-filling the common search terms, so always make sure of your decision before confirming.

4. Check All Posts You Have Ever Liked

Have you ever liked a post as it includes a fantastic recipe or because it is the picture somewhere you would like to travel in the future? If you want them back, you don’t have to spend hours finding them in the newsfeed or the profiles of other people. Instead, go to the profile, click the options wheel’, and then choose “Posts you’ve Liked.’ it will open the fee including each picture you have ever liked and thus helps you browse them.

5. Edit Your Posts

Many people use picture filters and then uploads them without making any other changes. This app creates a big difference to your pictures look the way you want to use them.

6. Control Data You Use

Instagram has mainly videos and pictures. So, it consumes more data quickly. To restrict the amount of data use, go to profile, pick the options wheel, choose ‘Cellular Data Use.’ Then hit the button next to ‘Use Less Data.’ you may also find videos and images take a long time to load, but your overall data usage will lower automatically.

7. Post from Multiple Accounts

A recent update of Instagram has made it upload from Multiple Accounts. Similar to the twitter, you can now link you more than one account to the one phone without frequently having to sign in/out or using third-party applications. It is mainly beneficial for the people who have an account for their personal and professional life or who use it for different purposes.

To link a new Instagram account to your application, go to profile, press the settings wheel, pick ‘add account’ from the base of the list and then follow the prompts to link an existing one to new account.

8. Helps You Create Cool Photo Collages

You can make collages only via third-party applications, Instagram has recently released a linked app ‘Layout’ which allows you to seamlessly create collages and then uploads them to the Insta or other social media apps. You can also access layout via its application or link via your Instagram application by pressing collage button while picking your picture to edit.

Once you have acquired layout, you have several options. You can adjust all in tune with the size and the order. You can also pick to flip the images, mirror them, and set the white borders between your pictures.

9. You Can Hide Your Instagram Story From People

Yes, you can hide your story from your family and friends if you don’t want them to see.

10. Archive Pictures to a Folder and People Won’t Watch Them

You can post pictures and hide them too. It means that you can place them in a folder and if any person asks you where are the pictures, undo, and it will appear as if never hid it.

11. Filter Comments

It fantastic feature is mainly for the people who have plenty of followers. Since you can block everyone which trolls you, so go to settings and filter the comments.

11 Amazing Things You Did Not Know you Could Do on Instagram

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