Facts About Valentine’s Day You May Not Know

1. Valentine’s day is originated from the Romans.


2. It is the second most famous greeting card–giving occasion, after Christmas.

 Red Heart Custom Gift Greeting Card

3. It is the most celebrated holiday in many countries worldwide, although it remains a working day in most of them.

People celebrate Valentine's Day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4. Record-Breaking Kissing Event

Kissing increases a person’s pulse to at least 110 beats per minute. People in the Philippines came together liplock to get their hearts pumping at a specific event known as “Lovapalooza.”

Lovapalooza Philippines

5. Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together in a similar way as Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Valentines Day Chocolates Flowers

6. The record for the Longest Marriage for a living couple spans 8.5 Decades

It belongs to the couple Zelmyra Fisher and Herbert who were married for a total of 86 years and 290 days before Mr. Fisher died.

Zelmyra Fisher and Herbert

7. In South Korea, the 14th day of every month spots a romantic holiday.

Saint Patrick's Day festival in Seoul

South Koreans celebrate romantic holidays every month. Here’s a list of what’s celebrated every month in order: Candle Day, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Black Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Silver Day, Green Day, Music Day, Wine Day, Movie Day, and Hug Day.

South Korea, the 14th day of every month

8. On Nov 11 singles celebrate their own day In China

Nov 11 China singles day

9. Pets Can Be Your Valentine Too

Love can be for people or for an animal. In fact, they are just like your family. The interesting facts are that the pet owners in the US will be spending $703 million on their pets gifts.

Pets valentine

10. Since 2012, V-Day which is an activist movement that had been organizing major campaigns all over the world to end violence against women.

 V-Day event

11. In Finland Valentine’s Day is called “Ystävänpäivä” which translates into “Friend’s day”.

It’s more about remembering your buddies than your lovers.

Finland Ystävänpäivä

12. In the Middle Ages, young women and men drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine.

 Young women and men drew names from a bowl

This name would be pinned onto their sleeves for one week so that everyone could see it. This was the origin of the phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Wear your heart on your sleeve

13. In the late 1800s, Richard Cadbury made the first box of chocolates for the Valentine’s Day.

Richard Cadbury

Richard Cadbury

Chocolate box

Richard Cadbury made the first box of chocolates

14. Men (73 percent) buy flowers more that the women ( 27 percent) for Valentine’s Day.

Men buying flowers on valentine's day

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Facts About Valentine’s Day You May Not Know

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